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Kuthira Com Series & Movies Online – Is Safe Or Not

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Kuthira com Series website is one of a kind that illegally provides Malayalam episodes, Asianet, and all series. And watch episodes of all series of your choice. Many people in the market visit this website.

This website covers Mrs. Shares’ categories like Asianet, Zee Keralam, Surya TV, Flowers TV, Majhavil Manorama, Santhavanam Serial, and Hitler.

This website is not helpful because many ads are displayed, which can harm your device. These illegal acts remained by the action of www the kuthira com serial. And which the government has also banned. But still, people keep looking for him because they keep updating regularly based on the date.

The Kuthira Com Series Is Safe Or Not

It is easy to access the kuthira com series from this website, but such websites work because the proper platform to watch any movie series is a TV channel or OTT platform. If you can watch all the episodes for free from anywhere, these websites work illegally.

It is not secure as it works incorrectly by providing links to click-on ads and can risk your account and device. So could you stay away from it?


This website or its author has nothing to do with it. This information is if for informational purposes only. It would be best if you stayed away from such third-party websites. And you need to focus on TV or an existing OTT platform.

Kochuraman (VK Sriraman) is the village toddy picker belonging to the Ezhava caste, with a well-built body and a strong personality.

Manorama is the daughter of a feudal lord of the ruling Kshatriya family of “Thampuratti” village. Kochuraman lives a simple and happy life with his wife and son Kochuvawa. Thampuratti falls in love with Kochuraman and tries to seduce him, ignoring their incredible caste difference. The matter is fixed by the feudal lord, who kills Kochuraman, and his mutilated body is displayed for the whole village to see. At the same time, Manorama is paralyzed after being kicked by Thampuran during the Thampuratti incident. Kochevar sees his father’s body covered in blood under a coconut tree and, despite his young age, vows to take revenge on his father’s killers.

Kochuvav grows up to be a ruthless extortionist who accumulates wealth through various legal and illegal means while climbing the social ladder with the changing times. He buys everything in the village, including Kovilakam, whose land was sold off when the present generation moved to urban life.

For Kochuva (Thilkan), nothing is more important in his life than money and revenge. His wife (Kaviyur Ponnamma) and son (Vineet) are secondary. In his quest for revenge, he threatens anyone who dares to stand before him. Despite being illiterate during the changes around him, he manages his empire with his wit and ruthless efficiency. He plans to take his ultimate revenge by starting an illegal arak business in Kovilakam.

They will help increase their profits and drive out the remaining residents of Kovilakammosayile kuthira meenukal review:

Manorama and a young woman who lives with her estate overseer, Raman Nair, after which he plans to dig a pond where Kovilakam stands today. Is. For Kochuwawa, drinking a handful of water from that pond would culminate his vengeance.

However, this long-standing master plan is vehemently opposed by her spoiled and immature son Mohan, who is in love with the young and equally naive “Kochuthampuratti” (Anju) of Kovilakam. Kochuwa primarily opposed this relationship, accusing the noble girl of planning to acquire all of her wealth and children while Kochuwa was trying to win her home for money. One day, both the lovers decide to move in together and live with Kochuwa. He initially forbade them to stay here and threatened that they would make their lives miserable even if they lived in the old ruined palace.

Kochuwawa Thinks About Things Through The Mediation Of Other Friends And Well-Wishers

While Kochuwawa thinks about things through the mediation of other friends and well-wishers. The immature is pair and immediately hangs himself in the palace. Raman Nair, the overseer of the feudal family, saw the noose of the gallows. Kochuwawa’s words resonate in his mind about the inevitability of his plan to make into upper caste wealth. He realizes Kochuva’s willpower after seeing his son and the young aristocrat dead. Unable to bear the humiliation of the caste any longer, he burns down the palace with Manorama inside and goes and informs Kochuva and the rest of the village.

The Film Ends In Bitter Tragedy For Kochuvawa.Mosayile kuthira meenukal review

It is not clear what punishment Raman Nair is give or whether this had led to a change in the plan of Kochuvawa. Where the palace once stood. The film ends with the lines that Kochuva finally bows her head. To love and shoots for the first time in her life.

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