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Health Write for Us – Justhealthguide is an innovative new website that was launched in 2021 and offers our readers all the information who are passionate about Health,  Beauty, Fitness, Benefits, Tips and Tricks, Entertainment.

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Justhealthguide.com is an online health community with bloggers passionate about Health,  Beauty, Fitness, Benefits Tips and Tricks, Entertainment. You are welcome to share your thoughts and instruction.

In this method, we are providing new healthy tips to help people who want to learn and get information about Health, Beauty, Fitness, Makeup, Skincare, Hair, and Benefits.

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justhealthguide.com is always open to all bloggers. If you like health and can translate your interests into a well-written, clear article with a radiance of uniqueness, we would surely love to hear it from you.

We welcome bloggers to justhealthguide.com who are excited to share their thoughts on Health, Beauty, Fitness, Makeup, Skincare, Hair, and Benefits.

If you are an expert in providing insights or advice about trending Topics and Tips about Health, Beauty, Fitness, Makeup, Skincare, Hair, and Benefits, we welcome you to write to justhealthguide.com

To apply, email us at contact@justhealthguide.com

Subject and articles must be related to the following categories

Thank you for your attention in writing to justhealthguide.com

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As your article meets our guidelines, you can send it to contact@justhealthguide.com We would love to hear from you.

After submitting your article, our team will review it, verify its unique content, and approve it. Also, as your article has been approved, we will be happy to post an author bio linked to your blog, company, or website.

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Guidelines for Guests’ Posts / Guest Articles / Writes for Us

The below-given guidelines a writer should follow when posting an article to contact@justhealthguide.com

We ask that article be between 1000-1500 words and feature outside resources to validate arguments within the report. Resources must be hyperlinked within the article, so readers can refer to outside information and follow along on your point. Please ensure the article is informative and showcases the author’s voice. We are looking for an argumentative article, not an informational article.

Articles take 1-4 days to review, depending on the article’s quality. Publishing the article takes 2-4 days (depending on how busy our schedule is).

      • The content must be original and unique.
      • Send us plagiarism before submitting your article.
      • The article must have a title, subtitle, and headings.
      • The topic you opt for or consider should fall into the above categories.

What is Health?

Health is a state of whole physical, mental and spiritual well-being. In addition, health consists in taking precautions to maintain the body and reduce the likelihood of developing various diseases.

Health is the body’s natural functioning and metabolic capacity to adapt to the physical and mental changes it undergoes. As a result, good health helps people go about their daily lives smoothly.

A person’s physical health means that the body is free from disease, while mental or social health remains characterized by the ability to perforations of assigned social tasks.

Health write for usHealth




Home Remedies

Healthy Food

Health Care

Health Conditions And Diseases



Learning and Developmental Disabilities


Food and Nutrition

Women’s Health

Weight Loss

Weight Gain

Skin & Beauty

Prescription Drugs

Diseases and Disorders, AIDS and HIV

Weight Training

Diet Tips



What is Beauty?

Health write for us Beauty is associated with handsomeness. It is a subjective appreciation: what is beautiful for one person may not be for another. However, specific characteristics that society generally considers attractive, desirable and beautiful are known as the beauty canon. Beauty produces pleasure from sensory manifestations, which can be felt by sight (for example, with a physically attractive person) or hearing (when listening to a pleasant voice or music). On the other hand, smell, taste and touch remain not related to beauty. The conception of beauty can vary between different cultures and change over the years.

Health & Fitness 


  • Health write for usWalking
  • weight lifting
  • physical activity
  • health and well being
  • Diet plans
  • Enjoy the Exercise
  • improve brain and bone health

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