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10 Star Fitness in Greenville, South Carolina, partnered with more Donovan in 2017 and has since seen significant growth in subscription sales and improved branding. Here, 10 Star owner Michael Cooper explains why he and Donovan are his club’s favorite marketing partners:

Results-Oriented Personal Training 10-Star Fitness

Personal training at 10 Star Fitness on founded on the proven Ultra Fit program. Regardless of age or fitness level, 10 Star Fitness personal trainers customize workouts to meet your needs and goals, including nutritional advice and guidance.

10 Star Fitness is customary in Spartanburg County, South Carolina, United States. The address of 10 Star Fitness is 2700 Reedville Road, Spartanburg, SC 29301, USA. 10 Star Fitness has listed a few nearby places, and we at helpmecovid.com cover at least 52 nearby areas.

Classes that suit you at no extra cost 10-Star Fitness

Classes that suit you at no extra cost 10-Star Fitness

Get in shape for less when you join one of our group fitness classes. Enjoy challenging workouts led by expert trainers in a motivating and non-judgmental environment. We offer a wide range of courses with something for everyone. So if you want to get inspired and have fun at the same time, try one of our courses today

10 Star Fitness, affordable family fitness, caters to everyone interested in health and wellness. All members must respect each other, equipment, and clubs. 10 Star Fitness to develop mind, spirit, and body through health-promoting activities for children and adults, offered in a relaxed environment through “Fitness with Service.”

In 1970, Gould sold the then-failed Gym to Bud Danites, known as an antique dealer, and Dave Saxe, a jeweler. They co-owned the Gym for about two years, and when they realized the business didn’t matter to them, they wanted to close it and re-open the location as an antique shop. He offered it to Ken Sprague, a frequent gym member, who bought it in late 1971, and the Gold saves as Jim. Sprague was the first owner of Gold’s to sponsor and host bodybuilding competitions, and his promotional skills and contacts in the film industry helped raise the company’s profile.

Gold Gym Is Considered A Landmark In Bodybuilding Culture

Gold Gym is considered a landmark in bodybuilding culture and has achieved cult status. When Sprague sold Gold’s Gym in 1979, it was the most famous Gym in the world. When George Butler wanted to film the docudrama Pumping Iron (1977) in 1975, it was wise for Sprague to tell Butler that he would paint over the windows to reduce the backlighting and have Butler install a lighting grid on the interior ceiling. Gould’s Gym was the central filming location for Pumping Iron, which drew attention not only to the Gym but also to bodybuilding and physique. After the film’s release, and with the 1977 Mr. America Pageant and Mr. America Day Parade, held in Santa Monica and sponsored and conceived by Sprague, Gold’s Gym’s profile grew even more. This year’s Mr. America received more press inquiries than the 1977 Academy Awards.

Later Ownership, Franchising, And Image

After two years of ownership, they moved from a 5,500-square-foot facility to a 60,000-square-foot building over six years. Gronkowski’s brother became a licensing director, helping to drive the Gold’s Gym name from one location to more than 534 in the United States and the world when it sold to private equity firm Brockway Moran & Partners in 1999. Another private equity firm, TRT Holdings, bought Gold Gym in 2004. German fitness company RSG Group acquired Gold in August 2020.

Gold’s Gym was one of the first companies in the health and fitness industry to establish franchises in the 1980s. The company licenses its name for products such as fitness equipment and apparel. The original logo of Gold Gym, a bald lifter with a barbell. It designs in 1973 by professional wrestler Rick Dra sin. Who was Schwarzenegger’s training partner for four years? Notable users of Gold’s Gym include celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Jodie Foster, Morgan Freeman, Dwayne Johnson, Jim Morrison, Keanu Reeves, Hilary Swank, and Tiger Woods. The original Gold Gym in Venice Beach is considered. An athletic landmark by ESPN and is the name of a list of the top 100 sporting venues.

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