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7 Beauty Commandments of Winter – Full Overview

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Beauty Commandments of Winter – Winter is coming. The mercury is dropping, and summer dresses have given way to trench coats and coats. So we adopt the new rituals to remain beautiful even in times of greyness without further delay. Here are our ten essential beauty gestures to face the cold season.

1.     Your face you will hydrate

Cold and wind irritate and dry out even the least sensitive and oily skin. We, therefore, think of opting for a more nourishing moisturizer than the one used during the summer, or we complete it with a moisturizing serum applied just before. We also resume the excellent habit of making a moisturizing or plumping mask as well as a gentle exfoliation at least once a week. The lip balm stays in our bag and is used regularly.

2.     Your hands you will protect

Our hands feel the onslaught of cold almost as quickly as our faces. If we have only very little hydrated this summer, it is time to return to a much more nourishing targeted treatment. There are also unique scrubs for the hands that you can do from time to time, then complete with a “sauna” treatment with petroleum jelly (or another rich cream) in a pair of gloves during a film or all night. You can also get a pocket-sized hand cream, which you apply after using the washbasin, to keep your hands soft all day. Of course, you don’t go out without a pair of gloves, either.

3. Beauty Commandments of Winter Your body you will not forget

On the contrary, if our body is well hidden under warm and cosy clothes, this is no reason to neglect them during the winter. Swap your moisturizing milk for a more rich balm. In the shower (not too hot, yes it’s pleasant, but it accelerates the dehydration of the skin), we use a nourishing shower gel. We space out the exfoliations of the skin that we used to do very regularly during the summer season. It is not a question of cancelling the effects of the new hydration ritual that we adopt from the start. Fall.

4.  Beauty Commandments of Winter Your hair you will pamper

Your hair you will pamper Beauty Commandments of Winter

It’s not just the skin affected by climate change. The hair is also sensitive to it. That is why it is important to use shampoos, conditioners and nourishing masks as well as serums to protect yourself from the heat of the hairdryer or straightener. Utensils are vital to use at a moderate temperature, not to make the hair dry and brittle. Don’t forget the hat or the beanie when the thermometer flirts with zero! There’s nothing like a new cut to feel good and get rid of split ends.

5.     Your nails you will pamper

Nails, like hair, dry out and become brittle with the cold. We think well when applying our hand cream to make it penetrate the pin and the cuticles by lightly massaging the tip of each finger. That does not exempt us from using a targeted treatment for the cuticles or a fortifying treatment varnish. There are also more and more varnishes “good for the nails” containing less corrosive products or enriched with repairing and protective active ingredients. If we have the choice for the same shade, we give priority to these. Don’t forget to let your nails breathe at least once a week, if only for one night, without any varnish (even treatment).

6.     The earth of sun for the face you will forget

After the effort of the hydration routine, the comfort of having beautiful skin to make up. We opt for a moisturizing foundation with sun protection or a BB cream. Which we do not forget to powder to ensure good hold during the day. But you put away your sunny land, out of the question to have an orange face and the rest all pale. So we replace it with a pretty pink blush and a pearly illuminator to give a healthy glow to her whiter skin once the tan is gone. We stop the colors coral and candy pink for the lips to replace them with Fuschia, red, burgundy or a very flashy orange.

7.     A sports activity you will resume

Too late to register for a gym or a sporting activity? False excuse. Many clubs and associations take registrations throughout the year. It’s time to start alone or follow a personalized program. The course of krav-maga or salsa we have never dared to register. We run there. Besides, running remains the cardio exercise to maintain and let off steam par excellence. And we equip ourselves to be visible at night and warm.

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