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Basic Vaping Tips and Secrets that are Great

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Basic Vaping Tips & Secrets That Are Great – We have already talked about the multiple advantages that vaping has over smoking. One of them is that it is enjoyable. Unlike the cigarette, a vaporizer involves playing and doing different tricks with the vapor, so you can also reach a unique community; because smokers have only been able to pull off a couple of tricks.

Fortunately, amateur vapers can perform many more techniques, even leading them to become a great hobby called “Cloud hunting.” If you want to develop one of them, you should know that, like any new skill, it is normal for the tricks to seem complex at first, and as you practice, you will improve.

We recommend using liquids with a high content of vegetable glycerin (VG) because it gives the vapor a thicker sensation. More importantly, if you inhale strongly, the hit in your throat will be much softer. Also, to see if you are achieving the tricks, you can record yourself with your cell phone or use a mirror.

Since we know that vaping is much more entertaining than doing tricks, here are a couple of Basic Vaping Tips & Secrets That Are Great . They are ordered from the most basic to the most complex.

1. the bottle waterfall

This is a classic that can’t be missed, even for vapers, this is one of the easiest, so you should start here. You will need a thick vaporizer and an empty plastic bottle.

First, Inhale deeply and exhale the vapor into the empty bottle. Make sure it doesn’t leak out of the bottle as you do this. Once you’ve dropped everything, empty the bottle on the floor or a table and surprise! You will see that it looks like a waterfall or a strange liquid.

2. the bubble

The items you need to do this trick are straightforward to get at home: liquid to make bubbles or soap and a ring.

First, you must Inhale deeply and keep the steam inside your mouth. Release the steam slowly so that an incredible bubble will form. Then dip the ring into the soap or liquid and hold it up to your mouth.

3. The ghost

Do you remember how to make balloons with a gum? Now it’s much the same, but instead of a bubble, you make a “ghost” and inhale it quickly. We increase the complexity of this trick, but you will not need any extra elements, just a remote control over your breathing.

4. the waterfall

This is one of the most well-known tricks, and every time we see it, it is always great. Here, steam comes out of your mouth “split” to enter your nose, making us look like Bane from Batman.

How to do it? Inhale for 2-3 seconds, keeping the steam in your mouth. Then, open only your lips and keep your teeth closed so that the smoke will escape through the spaces between your teeth. Meanwhile, inhale the steam through your nose as slowly as you can to collect it all. If it helps, you can puff up your cheeks to make it easier on yourself.

Interestingly, you can combine this trick with others, such as the ghost that we taught you to do above or whatever comes to mind. Who knows? Maybe you invent a new one.

conclusion for Basic Vaping Tips

Various tricks make vaping even more exciting and performing them, and you need to be constant because you know what they say: training makes perfect! So don’t be discouraged. Keep trying and become a vaping wizard.

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