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Best Digital Thermometers for Kids and Adults

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Digital Thermometer: – Currently, the measurement of body temperature is a matter of public health. The timely detection of febrile symptoms has become essential for controlling highly contagious diseases. As a result, the digital thermometer has increased its prominence and popularity in all sectors.

This thermometer allows fast and reliable temperature measurement. Some of their models work remotely, preventing the spread of diseases. In the market, there are options of different prices and qualities. Review this complete guide and find the information you need to choose the best digital thermometer.

The Most Important

The digital thermometer is a device use to measure the body’s temperature, objects, or environments.

The digital thermometers offered by the trade are classify into two main types: RTD thermometers, which are used in contact with the skin, and IR thermometers, which can detect the temperature by keeping a distance from the body or in connection with the ear.

Thanks to new technologies, today’s digital thermometer have advanced features that make it easier to use and improve performance. Some of them are: the memory function, the silent alarm, and the reading adapted to the user’s age.


Digital Resistance Thermometer (RTD)

The RTD digital thermometer only works in contact with the skin. Its most common model looks similar to the classic glass thermometer, but its material is plastic, and it has a small LED screen. You can also find this type of thermometer in a pacifier or bracelet.

This instrument uses a resistive temperature sensor (RTD) that takes advantage of the conduction of electrons caused by heat to capture the variation in electrical resistance due to increased temperature.

Once detected, this information is passed to a thermistor that converts the difference in resistance into a difference in heat, resulting in a figure indicating body temperature on the thermometer screen.


Digital Infrared or Laser (IR) Thermometer

This type of  thermometer has two typical models. The first is shaped like a gun and measures the temperature of the forehead without touching it. The second is similar to the first in form and function. In addition, it has a mouthpiece that is used in contact with the ear, detecting the temperature through the eardrum.

It uses an IR sensor to capture the infrared energy emitted by the body. Then it channels it towards a thermopile detector responsible for converting the thermal energy into electrical energy.

Finally, the amount of electricity generated by the infrared rays is translate numerically, showing the result of the measurement corresponding to body temperature on the thermometer’s LED screen.


Therefore, A thermometer is a device that measures temperature or a fever gradient. A thermometer has two essential basics: a temperature device in which some change occurs with a change in temperature; and some means of changing this change into a numerical value.

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