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Children’s Health – General Purpose, and More

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Complete Children’s Health Allows the mother and father. And also health professionals to follow the child’s growth and development as they gradually complete it with information on the child’s health status at home with each medical check-up and each small achievement of the child. Will do. Its development. And also Mother and father should not forget to present the card every time the child is taken to a medical check-up or a health center.

In addition, the Child Health Document is a complete guide for mothers and fathers on issues important to their health and well-being, including their diet, rest, and recommendations to encourage their development.

It aims to contribute to the health and overall development of children under the age of 10, in the context of their family and community, through activities of promotion, protection, prevention, health recovery, and rehabilitation, which are the fullest expression of their biopsychosocial potential. Promote. And better quality of life.

General Purpose Complete Children’s Health

  • 1) To reduce infant mortality and morbidity in the population below ten years.
  • 2) Strengthen timely, prompt, sustained, decisive. And also quality health care for boys and girls in the public health network.
  • 3) Contribute to improving the quality of life of children regardless of their health and socioeconomic status.
  • 4) Promoting healthy habits and reducing health risk factors in children under ten, considering the way of life approach.

The National Child Health Program Aims Complete Children’s Health

The National Child Health Program aims to contribute to the comprehensive development of children below the age of 10 years, in the context of their family and community, through promotion, protection, prevention, health recovery. And also rehabilitation activities that enhance their bio-social abilities. Promote full expression—potential and better quality of life.

The program, developed through the Under Secretary of State for Public Health and Care Network, integrates a range of benefits, which are produced in conjunction with the various program areas of the Ministry of Health, within which comprehensive child health Related are their programmatic offer areas. The Early Childhood Protection System, the Family, and Community Health Model. And also the Hospital Management Framework, aim to provide quality care to children and their families.

Currently, the program is in a redesign, which includes various structures of regulatory regulation processes. It is a program aimed at a comprehensive. And also  sustained approach to child health with a biopsychosocial and familial policy, which mainly covers aspects of health promotion, prevention. And also timely treatment of pathology.

Target Group Boys and Girls Under Ten Years old Complete Children’s Health

Program Goals and objectives Its main objective is to underwrite to the comprehensive development of children under the age of 10 in the context of their family and community through activities of promotion, protection, prevention, health recovery, and rehabilitation. And also which promote the full expression of their potential. Huh. Biopsychosocial and better quality of life

Profit Basket of Complete Children’s Health

  • Healthy baby check-up
  • Evaluation and control of psychomotor development.
  • Morbidity consultation.
  • Breastfeeding counseling.
  • And also School health.
  • Control of growth and development.
  • Care of children with special needs (prostate disease).
  • Educational Workshops.
  • Vaccination program.

Health Education: Importance Of Educating Complete Children’s Health.

It is very important to make children health conscious. Maintaining good health is the key to your well being and success. We are currently in charge of educating their heads and teaching them math, language and other subjects as well as teaching them to be responsible, make decisions, etc. But the current rhythm of life and new social customs put us and the children away. More than healthy habits. In this way health related problems are increasing, such as obesity, mood disorders, depression, anxiety, cholesterol etc. Even these types of health conditions are becoming more common in boys and girls.

A global and complete education should include education in a healthy lifestyle that contributes to the care and maintenance of health as well as an awareness of health care. So we should include the following areas:

How To Educate Children About Complete Children’s Health.

Explain to them the concept of health and disease as well as different types of diseases and help them understand that although some diseases cannot be avoided. There is a lot we can do to maintain good health.

  • Develop healthy habits: Play sports with them, avoid a sedentary lifestyle, turn off the television and restrict video game use.
  • Make sure they eat a healthy diet and explain to them the importance of feeding our bodies well.
  • Help them stick to their bedtime schedule and routine.

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