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Defaulting To User Installation Because Normal Site-Packages Is Not Writeable

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The error “regular site containers writable extension user setup is used by default” is something you have seen if you work as a Python developer. This error may be annoying because it keeps you from installing containers using the Python package management pip. This blog article will examine the underlying reasons for this problem and offer detailed fixes. We will frequently go over some specifics on this subject.

Understanding the Error

Specify Open Version (1)

Understanding the root of this mistake is crucial before moving on to the solutions. Typically, a package that is attempted to be installed using pip runs into the global site-packages directory. It cannot, however, write to this directory because it lacks the required rights; pip displays the error “normal site-packages writable properties are set to default use setup.”

The error occurs because public site packages are protected and do not require administrative privileges for write access. When pip doesn’t have these privileges, it falls back to installing repositories personally into the private site repositories directory. It is known as “user installation”.

Now that we understand what is faulty let’s look at the different ways to fix it.

Use of Virtual Environment

The printer’s recommended way to use Python packages is to use a virtual environment. It allows you to create an environment for your project where you can install some of it without interfering with other projects or the overall Python installation.

To establish a virtual setting, take the following actions:

  • Install virtualenv package not already installed:
  • pip install virtualenv
  • A new combination of virtual environments:
  • virtualenv my_project_env
  • my_project_env is named after your project.

Activating the virtual environment:

On Windows:

  • my_project_env\Scripts\activate
  • On macOS and Linux:
  • Source my_project_env/bin/activate

Now that you have the virtual environment enabled, you can install containers using pip without encountering “default on user installation” errors.

Don’t forget to turn off the virtual environment by running disable when you finish working on your project.

Granting Write Access to the Global Site Packages Directory

Written access to the global site-packages directory is available to preferences for worldwide package distribution. However, this method is not advised since it may result in package conflicts and issues with your Python installation.

To gain write access to the global site package directory, follow these steps:

Find the directory called site-packages. To discover the path in Python, use the following command:

  1. import site
  2. print(site. getsitepackages())
  3. Permissions granted to the site-packages directory:

In Windows, open the properties of the site-packages package, go to the Security tab, and provide group write access to users.

Use the mod standard to enable typing on macOS and Linux:

  • Sudo chmod -R 775 /site/site-packages/path
  • The /path/to/site-packages value is saved with the actual path of the directory.
  • You should now be able to install packages by using pip without encountering errors.

Default User Setup Because Normal Site Packages Are Not Writable

You could occasionally run into the problem “default in normal site-packages writable use installation” when building Python packages. We will address the reasons behind this mistake and potential solutions in this experiment.

Let us start.

  1. Reasons for This Error
  2. Various reasons may cause this error to appear. These include:
  3. Multiple Python versions
  4. Permission Error
  5. Below are some of the techniques you can use to solve this system.

Specify Open Version

Specify Open Version

It is because Python tries to install the package into the default Python directory. This directory is managed directly by Python and will return an error.

Therefore, if more than one version of the term is installed, you must specify this explicitly in the command.

For example, to store a package with Python3.10 pip, the following run is initiated:

$ python3.10 -m pip install <package_name>

The above should call the development module with the specific Python interpreter and be used to implement the specified package.

Run Pip with Sufficient Permissions

On a multi-user system like Linux, you may encounter the “default user installation because normal site packages are not writable” error due to insufficient permissions.

Therefore, ensure you run pip with sufficient permissions to access the installation directory.

Similarly, ensure you have the Python interpreter installed for users with sufficient permissions.

Update Your Python Version

Another attempt you can take to solve this problem is to update your Python version. It may force the system to reconfigure the interpreter and fix the issues.

Reinstall Python

If none of the above methods work, you can uninstall your current Python interpreter and reinstall Python.


That’s it for this one. Although the reasons vary, conflicting Python versions are one of the leading causes of the “using user installation as default because normal site packages are not writable” error. We hope this article helped you solve the problem.

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