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Experiences Salted Beauty – Care with Natural Ingredients

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Salted Beauty – Remain you interested in skincare and looking for new products? Then you might have heard of Salted Beauty.

What is Salted Beauty?

Salted Beauty is a cosmetics company founded in Berlin. They also pay attention to sustainability. The products are based on active ingredients from the sea, primarily algae.

The company sells Salted Beauty products on its website and reaches customers through influencer marketing.

For whom are the Salted Beauty products suitable?

Salted Beauty offers products for every skin type. If you are unsure, which Salted Beauty products are suitable for your skin, and Salted Beauty offers the matchmaker . This will help you choose the right products for your skin goals. The Match-Maker puts together a personalized care routine based on your needs.

Application of the Salted Beauty products

Salted Beauty recommends the following steps as a basis for a clean and well-groomed complexion:

Salted Beauty Get Rid Of – Cleaning

First, the face should be cleaned. For this purpose, Salted offers the product GET RID OF in two variants. And also cleansing foam with the active ingredients sea chamomile and algae extract. In addition, a cleansing gel with spirulina algae extracts, betaine, and aloe vera.

Note: You can choose whether the product should be fragrance-free with all cleaning and care products from Salted Beauty.

Salted Beauty Step Forward – Serums

Salted Beauty Step Forward - Serums

After that, serums correspond to skin problems. And also such as pigment spots or pimples, are applied.

There are a few to choose from, Anti-Blemish Serum for pimples and impurities or the Niacinamide Serum for a more even complexion.

Salted Beauty STAY SAFE – Day And Night Cream

Finally, a day and night cream is applied based on the skin type. This keeps the skin moisturized.

And also more information about the products only seems to be available after using the matchmaker.

Salted Beauty Experiences

Salted Beauty products are mostly rated as good on the internet. Many reports that their complexion has improved after just a short use.


Above all, the customer service and the lack of clarity of the website are criticized. Many products do not seem to resonate with customers, especially when a discount has been used. The repeat order then usually only seems to work without applying the value.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m curious about new beauty products, and so, of course, I also had to order something from Salted Beauty right away after I discovered the products on Instagram. So far, I have not used any “algae cosmetics” myself and therefore found it all the more exciting to pamper the skin with natural care substances.

And I’ll say it in a moment, while I was testing these three products, two more were added, which I will discuss below.

Details Zur Beautiful Me:

  • It contains valuable red algae
  • With Shea butter
  • High-quality jojoba oil
  • Lots of vitamins & minerals
  • Moisturizing
  • prevents skin impurities
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free

What Can She Do & What Do The Users Say?

What Can She Do & What Do The Users Say_

Users Say I always have to smell a cream because if I don’t like the scent of a cream, it won’t get on my face. With this one, the smell convinced me directly, apart from the green color. The cream is easy to apply to the skin and spread; it absorbs very quickly into the skin, and you can go to bed speedily or apply your make-up in the morning. And also, it is non-greasy, and protects the skin. And also lets it shine wonderfully. My test has more than passed, and Users Say I also think I will stay with salted Beauty for the face cream. We will talk about the other products later.

Here I Would Like To Introduce You To The Cleaning Foam – FOAM-O.

Details About The FOAM-O:

  • Gentle cleaning
  • Mild sea chamomile against inflammation & irritation
  • Velvety skin feel
  • Contains sea salt
  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free

What Can The Product Do & What Do The Users Say?

The cleansing foam fits perfectly into the care routine and gently wipes the skin with sea chamomile. And also foam is an all-rounder and has a unique effect on the skin. The skin is clean and soothed at the same time. I have used foam cleansers from other brands. And I have to say that salted Beauty is the best for us. I notice how the natural active ingredients give my skin what it needs without using chemicals. I’ve been using the foam for 3 months, which has significantly improved my skin. I don’t have problems with pimples myself, but before I get my period, there is one or the other, and since I’ve been using salted Beauty, there’s a clear difference. I’m delighted with the foam.

Next One: Good As Gold Serum.

Details about the serum:

  • Especially for dry skin
  • Moisture for the skin
  • Valuable brown algae
  • Iodine & moneral substances
  • various vitamins
  • Sea buckthorn pulp oil for cell regeneration
  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free

What Can The Serum Do & What Does The Users Say?

Users Say I don’t have the driest skin, but I just applied the serum to my skin in the evening, while Users Say I was on vacation because the salt water gave them the feeling that it needed precisely that right now. The serum is a moisturizer that provides the skin with all the vital vitamins and minerals. It’s a vitamin & moisture booster that I continue to treat my skin too, not every night. And also every other night, and it’s perfect for it.

Details Zum THE FIGHTER:

  • For combination skin
  • Fights pimples and blemishes
  • Regulates sebum production
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Hyaluronic acid retains moisture in the skin
  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free

What Can The Fighter & What Do The Users Say?

Users Say I bought the fighter because, as described above, Users Say I have problems with a pimple once a month, and I wanted to apply it as a preventive measure. In combination with the cleansing foam, I just noticed that it is the ideal solution to deal with my small pimple problem. You can also use the serum individually for individual pimples, which quickly disappear from where they came from.

And Last but not least: Deep Sea Miracle Elixir.

Details About The Serum:

  • Contains blue-green freshwater microalgae
  • rich in amino acids
  • Moisturizing
  • Vitamin C & Vitamin B12
  • Tightens the skin
  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free

What can the serum do & What do Users Say about it?

Users Say I bought this serum to have a partner for Good as Gold. And also I take turns with these two and have now achieved great skin. The variety gives my skin everything it needs. Everyone has to find the right way for themselves. And also it works great for me.

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