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Fashion and Fitness has been a bit of a buzzword for several years now. However, everyone will find something for themselves with an authentic sporting trend.

Indeed, people who are not very athletic can get into sport quickly thanks to fitness disciplines for beginners. On the other hand, the most athletic have found their passion in more advanced sentences. As for professionals, most sports graduates have embarked on group or personalized coaching in gyms or independently.

In short, “Fitness” has opened a new area worldwide. So, yes, doing fitness is being in the game. But, what is fitness itself?

The in-Depth Definition of the Word “Fashion and Fitness.”

Its practice could indeed be beneficial to your body and your mind. But this is not its first definition. The etymology of the term

fitness“:  includes several individual activities, such as weight training, cardio circuits, and group activities, such as Zumba and weight training classes on the mat that gym subscribers love: abs, buttocks, body pump… All to improve physical condition. And for a good reason, all of these activities aim to help with weight loss, work on endurance, build muscle, stretch and work the whole body.

Performance Doubled in Efficiency

Those practicing fitness for several years know that this discipline is a real winning cocktail. Why? Because thanks to the multitude of fitness activities, it is easily possible to transform your body in a short time. Unlike dancing which “only” works the cardio or the legs in general, or boxing, which focuses more on the upper body, this discipline allows you to refine and build muscle ultimately. Indeed, running or rowing burns calories indoors. Then complete with a muscle strengthening session focused on the upper body, the abdominals, or the lower body. Finally, for comprehensive and effective practice, take the time to stretch. Ideal for promoting muscle relaxation and releasing tension from bad days.

Fashion and Fitness, who is it for?

To everybody. The advantage of different intensities and activities makes this discipline an ideal sport for everyone—beginners with home exercises, intermediate with higher weights or movements, or professionals with intense workouts. But also passionate about sports, dancing with Zumba, or just getting back in shape with group classes.

One thing is sure: you will inevitably find what you are looking for with fitness!

Why does Fashion and Fitness strengthen his motivation?

According to an old saying, “the clothes do not make the monk,” so why such a craze to always have the latest outfits?

“Sportswear” clothing replaces “streetwear” with broader and more comfortable clothing, and the feeling of suffocation in one’s clothes disappears. The advantage of wearing a set of leggings is that you can join your friends for a sports session. No more excuses for inappropriate clothing.

The brands pay particular attention to innovation. clothes or underwear can adapt to any situation. Your hoodie will be ideal for facing the winter and jogging to put on your hood and be isolated from the world with your headphones. Your new bra is so comfortable you want to wear it all day and while running. The new t-shirts prevent sweating, which is instrumental during the summer or a squash session.

As you have understood, each garment pushes you to surpass yourself and be more active. We don’t say it’s the end of jogging & Netflix, it’s the basis of Sunday evening, but when you put on leggings, it’s still a shame to stay in front of the television.

Social networks also play a very significant role in the way we dress. For example, on Instagram, we no longer count the number of influencers who advertise for specific brands. Whether it’s Justine Gallice, Jujufitcat, Tibo Inshape, Enjoyphoenix, etc., they all have thousands of people who carefully follow each post.

The impact will be more substantial if “everyone” recommends a product to us. Rather than if Beyoncé is relatively inaccessible, brands are starting to bet more on these micro-influencers from elsewhere. If you buy the latest trends, you will want to show them off on your social networks. Once you’ve put your outfit on, you might as well do a sports session, and then you’ll want to put it back on. So do another session later, the gears take, and you’ve finally (re)started sports!

What are we speaking about when we talk about Fashion and Fitness?

Beltrami distinguishes some characteristics that indicate in which case it is a fad rather than a lifestyle, and if the behaviors are wildly exaggerated, they can trigger a disorder:

Nutritionists warn that although some foods are healthier than others, we should not exclude any of them from the diet. Instead, they classify foods as fit and fat: this classification weights the consumption of certain foods (skim dairy products. Lean meats, vegetables, egg whites, avocado, etc.) over others (sausages, pizzas, sweets, etc.). To be considered fit, you only have to consume the first group of foods.

They carry out “cheat meals”: ​​people who belong to the fit fashion are extremely strict with their diet. For this reason. They make a healthy plan throughout the week and reserve a week meal to eat what they want. However, this creates some anxiety for the day and is considered rigid and unhealthy by Beltrami.

They consume low amounts of carbohydrates: Estefania maintains that they should be consume at all meals because they are necessary for energy. If we restrict them, we gain more hunger and anxiety, and it is a behavior that cannot be sustaine over time.

They incorporate high amounts of protein: the body can only take advantage of a certain amount of protein intake per day; consuming more protein than we need is not productive.

They seek to reach a minimum percentage of body fat: fatty tissue should represent between 12 and 20% in men and between 20 and 30% in women. In the case of women, values ​​below those recommended induce the disappearance of menstruation.

They motivate by showing their “before” and “after”: although they use this comparison to attract other people to start a healthier lifestyle. It can be dangerous for teenagers who believe that an attractive body has to have a low percentage of fat to eating disorders.

Exercise is the main thing: fitness enthusiasts adopt an addictive behavior with exercise, going to the gym several times a day and even on weekends and even feel guilty if one day they do not go because they are tired. It is about finding a balance because the body needs rest to respond appropriately.


In fitness, the main objective of the exercise is to increase muscle mass, decrease fat mass and strengthen the body. For this reason. It is of excellent standing that the training is designed base on the needs of each person and carried out regularly.

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