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Fast Pace Health Care – What Impact on Our Health

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What Impact on Our Health Fast Pace Health

Fast Pace Health, The healthcare provider, will make a grand opening of its Maryville Clinic with a drive-in open house event at 2166 E. Broadway Avenue from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on 6 august

The opening will allow the community to “enjoy a safe and secure opportunity to meet local employees from the comfort of their vehicles, learn about services, receive free T-shirts and enter to win a 40″ ) TV,” a press release.

Necessary Social Distancing Measures Will Be Effective. Fast Pace Health

The statement said that fast Pace Health’s new Maryville clinic would include multiple exam rooms, an on-site lab, COVID-19 testing, X-ray capabilities, and behavioral health counseling. Telehealth capabilities will also be available for routine emergency care, drug prescriptions, and refills.

The clinic will be open seven days a week, including extended hours on weekdays and weekends.

Fast Pace Health has clinics in more than 140 communities in Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi, Indiana, and Louisiana.

The biological function of man naturally follows the rhythm of day and night as well as the seasons. But it is also controlled by social schedulers such as wake-up time, meal time, activity cycle and routine of the week, etc. These last synchronizers impress us today more than the previous ones.

It calls into question the adequacy of our social and biological rhythms against the backdrop of the acceleration of our way of life, often disturbing our physiology.

To what extent can our body adapt to this new rhythm and preserve the synchronization of its rhythm, which is essential for its functioning?

What Has Changed In The Rhythm Of Our Lives? Fast Pace Health

end of winter break In the West, most of us no longer organize our lives around the rhythm of agricultural production: our social organization today drives us to be consistently productive throughout the year. It disrupts the balance between our social and biological rhythms, causing us to rest more in winter than in summer (shorter days, lower temperatures). Thus, we work more – often more – in winter than in summer, taking advantage of summer vacations to rest.

The Urgency Of Urgency Shortens Our Recovery Time. Fast Pace Health

A more recent imperative of urgency further reinforces this evolution of the rhythms of our lives. Rapid access to information thanks to the Internet and instant communication through the generalization of smartphones has further modified our relationships over time. We will likely have greater availability and prompt response in our personal or business areas. Often has the effect of reducing the number and duration of our rest moments. Our activity-rest cycles are thus gradually tightening daily.

The current work-leisure organization. And also the only activity-leisure cycle we are moving towards – which may even be disturbed by this need. It allows us to recharge our batteries over a more extended period.

A more urban and denser setting Finally, for many of us, the context of urban living and the proliferation of collective workspaces conducive to exchange also has the disadvantage of limiting moments of healthy peace.

What Are The Implications For My Health?

What Are The Implications For My Health_

excessive mobilization of our resources gradually exhausts us

In this context, the risk is remaining in an almost standing position (sometimes helpful in running away or fighting). And excessive mobilization of the orthosympathetic part of our nervous system. For some, it is also a way of life: without this fear, life seems empty.

And if we are not careful to allow time for recovery. Stress hormones are constantly produced to cope with the constant demands and changes. They exhaust our bodies through the inappropriate physiological changes they induce (acceleration of heart rate, slowing of transit, etc.).

This state of hypervigilance. And also is often maintained by the pick-up at each diet drop. It affects our emotional (inappropriate response) or physical (e.g., the need for sleep).

A sedentary lifestyle or excessive sporting activity exacerbates these physical and psychological effects.

And Causes A Desynchronization Of Our Internal Biological Paces. Fast Pace Health

This disconnection with the expression of our needs leads to a lack of respect for the choice between activity and rest, sleep deprivation, and, ultimately. Short recovery of the immune system and cell regeneration.

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