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Foods that Accelerate Facial Aging

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Facial Aging – There is a wide variability of factors that intervene in the ageing process of the skin: exposure to the sun without sun protection. Lack of hydration through the use of facial creams, and poor diet are some of. The factors that we can modify to protect it and slow down the presence of signs of Facial Aging such as spots, expression lines, and wrinkles.

What are the most harmful foods for the skin or Facial Aging ?


The consumption of sugars in excess can accelerate the ageing of the skin since it favours the breakdown of collagen and elastin fibres. In addition, it directly affects the blood vessels, reducing the skin’s elasticity. Honey, coconut sugar, and natural stevia are healthy alternatives to replace it.

 Facial Aging – Salt

When we ingest it in excess, salt can cause a rapid increase in blood pressure, generating a reduction in collagen production that favours premature ageing of the skin. In addition to consuming it in moderation, we can replace it with sea salt or spices.


This popular infusion is characterize by its dehydrating effect. Its excess consumption can directly affect the tone and hydration of the skin. For this reason, its moderate intake is recommend or its replacement with other infusions such as green tea, or fruit juices. Which are also rich in antioxidants that prevent premature ageing.


In addition to the well-known harmful effects of its excessive consumption, alcohol causes severe dehydration that dries out the skin and favours the appearance of open pores, wrinkles, and skin blemishes.

Red meat

Experts recommend moderate consumption of up to 2 servings a week. Red meat is rich in carnitine, a substance that, in excess, causes a hardening of the capillaries and, as a consequence, affects premature ageing. It can be replaced with other sources rich in protein, such as eggs, legumes or oily fish.

 Facial Aging – Agave syrup

It is sold as a low-glycemic index alternative to refined sugar. The premise is attractive: it comes from a plant. But the reality is that agave contains concentrated fructose (almost 90%) and lacks other nutrients such as fibre, protein, minerals, and vitamins. Moreover, in our body, this type of sugar can bind to the amino acids present in collagen and. Elastin that support and give elasticity to the dermis and generate. Advanced glycation end products (AGE), which cause oxidative stress and inflammation in the body, according to a study by the Mount Sinai Hospital School of Medicine (USA).


If you add a good splash of agave to the cake because it is healthier. Try avoiding it by replacing it with pieces of this fruit. “Dates are the dehydrated fruits with the highest concentration of polyphenols [ bioactive compounds that protect cells from the oxidation process ].”Concludes a study published in the American College of Nutrition. More and more scientific literature provides evidence favouring polyphenols’ preventive and. Therapeutic benefits and their use in treatments for the main risk factors associated with ageing.

Rice pancakes

It has risen as a healthy snack. Its popularity is such that it is currently marketed in multiple varieties and with varied recipes: with. A yoghurt glaze, with milk chocolate, with different spices, etc. However, far from being beneficial, these preparations have a high glycemic index and can cause spikes in blood sugar levels. Furthermore, as Josefina Vicario from Clínicas Vicario explained to BUENA VIDA, “consumed without measure, they can be associated with weight gain. ”


A good alternative can be “foods rich in carotenoids. Present in many red vegetables such as tomatoes or carrots,” says the. Dermatologist, member of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV) and author of the Dermatology Blog, Lorea Bagazgoitia. These natural pigments have solid antioxidant power and also “reduce the risk of sunburn [another factor of premature ageing], although they never replace photoprotection, “adds the expert.


“The progressive oxidation of our body, caused by free radicals, is the cause of the ageing of our tissues and the appearance of many chronic diseases. A proper diet. Rich in antioxidants, can help us stay healthy and look younger longer”, explains Izaskun Astoreca Naverán, a specialist in aesthetic medicine and nutrition at the Biolaser Clinic. Vitamin E is an antioxidant create in avocados or olive oil foods.

Sugary drinks – Facial Aging

We all know that sugary food and drink are bad for your health. As we told in BUENA VIDA, even the sweetened ones are in question. And the problem is not only in sugar. High concentrations of caffeine can affect the quality of sleep. Something that is “associated with increased signs of intrinsic ageing. Decrease function of the skin barrier and less satisfaction with appearance,” concludes a study from the Cleveland Medical Center in the USA.

The substitute: water. When did the essence of our existence stop being popular? If drinking plain water makes you feel sleepy. Try adding lemon slices, which, although not proven to lose weight, add a touch of flavour.

French fries – Facial Aging

Neither artisan, nor ecological, nor homemade. French fries also provide advanced glycation end products (AGEs). However, “the main reason to avoid the consumption of French fries is not so much the accumulation of these compounds as. The fact of eating French fries as they have low nutritional quality and a high energy contribution, “affirms Ursúa. This type of food is related to the excess formation of free radicals that shorten life and prematurely age the skin.

 sweet potato

nutrition, this food is rich in vitamin C, which helps delay the appearance of wrinkles. Although it’s not worth getting bloate either. Ursúa remembers that “it’s no use changing the French fries for sweet potatoes to avoid AGEs if we spend all day on the sofa .”

Processed meats

The World Health Organization has been clear: processed meats are not suitable for your health. They contain additives related to inflammation. Which can also damage the skin’s collagen (which accentuates wrinkles and expression lines). We must also look at its preparation: ” We must not abuse toast, fried foods, or grilled foods,” says Ursúa, who clarifies that cooking at high temperatures or burning food can produce compounds —such as acrylamide— that are harmful to health.

The chocolate bars

Chocolate bars contain highly processed cocoa that has lost most health-promoting components, such as flavonoids (natural antioxidants). If that were not enough, they contain hydrogenate fats, low-quality flour (when a cookie is involved), and added sugars—an explosive cocktail.

The substitute: pure cocoa. Or almost. It is the only way to enjoy this delicacy healthily. But, as we have told in BUENA VIDA, the tablet must have at least 70% cocoa to preserve all its nutrients.

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