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Haircare: tips for pregnancy – Haircare During pregnancy, your hair is usually gorgeous, shiny, and complete. This is mainly due to estrogen, which your body is now producing more. Here you can find out how to top care for your hair and make it shine.

Haircare during pregnancy: a woman brushes her hair.

A healthier lifestyle during pregnancy lets your hair shine almost without hair care. The hair now usually grows faster and has a longer lifespan. After your child’s birth, the condition of your hair usually deteriorates because the beautifier hormone estrogen drops rapidly. Many mothers then have increased hair loss and suffer more from greasy hair. Still, that’s no cause for concern. Usually, no more hair falls out than was newly produced during pregnancy. When you stop breastfeeding, the condition usually returns to normal.

Dye your hair or not?

If you need to dye your hair in pregnancy, you should at least wait until the second trimester of pregnancy. The chemicals in the harsh hair dyes can get into your body and be passed on to the baby through breast milk. If you do not want to do without dying, switching to natural products or gentle tints is advisable as an alternative. It is also significant that you advise your hairdresser that you are pregnant. The intense smells in the salon can easily make you nauseous.

Haircare for radiant hair

During pregnancy, your hair has a longer lifespan. However, this also means that the longer your hair stays on your head, the drier it gets. You can easily counteract this with a few hair care tricks.

Only shampoo the roots of your hair when you wash it. The shampoo that flows down when you wash out is enough to clean the lengths.

Care for your hair once or twice a week with a rich hair treatment. It is best to let the treatment take effect under a towel. The thermal impact reinforces the effect.

Avoid rubbing your hair dry. After washing, squeeze it out gently.

When blow-drying, choose the lowest possible temperature and hold the device as far away from your hair. Of course, it’s even better if you let your hair air dry.

Avoid hot rollers or straighteners. This only makes your hair unnecessarily split, brittle, and dull.

You can easily ward off acute dandruff with a rinse of lukewarm nettle tea or zinc hair tonic.

Make yourself a smoothing hair treatment: Carefully knead one to three tablespoons of olive oil (depending on the hair length) into the hair lengths. First, wrap aluminum foil and then a preheated towel around your head. Leave it on for an hour and then wash it off well.

Take Haircare of your diet during pregnancy

Beauty begins within. We are what we eat. Therefore, diet plays a fundamental role in maintaining a good appearance during pregnancy. Experts recommend following a rich and balanced diet to avoid gaining too many kilos during pregnancy:

To keep the body hydrated, drinking about two liters of water a day is suggested.

Vitamins E, C, and B5 (found in eggs, wholemeal bread, fish, almonds, sunflower seeds, kiwi, strawberries, and oranges.), help eliminate toxic substances from the body, repair and maintain tissues and stimulate the growth of skin and nails.

Do not drink too much coffee since an excess of caffeine is detrimental to the proper debaby’s proper development


The hair “reveals” our state for better and for worse. The hair is altered during pregnancy due to the presence of placental hormones, which can worsen the appearance of the hair, make it greasy and weaken it, or improve and strengthen it, depending on each woman and each stage of pregnancy.

In the first trimester of pregnancy, hair weakens and falls out more quickly than usual. Then it usually takes on a shiny appearance, and its fall is stopped. It is the best time to take care of it since, after childbirth, many women weaken again and will offer a duller appearance.

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