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Hemoglobin – Red blood cells contain the protein hemoglobin, which transports oxygen. How much hemoglobin is in your blood is determined by the hemoglobin test. The most significant part of red blood cells is hemoglobin, which is made up of heme, a protein that binds oxygen. Carbon dioxide and oxygen is being exchanged in the lungs.

The quantity of hemoglobin in your blood is determined via a hemoglobin test. Red blood cells include the protein hemoglobin, which delivers oxygen to your body’s organs and tissues, and carbon dioxide from those tissues back to your lungs.

You have a low red blood cell count if a hemoglobin test finds that your hemoglobin level is lower than average (anemia). Numerous factors, such as vitamin deficiency, bleeding, and chronic illnesses, can contribute to anemia.

There are many potential explanations for an elevated hemoglobin level, including the blood condition polycythemia vera, high-altitude living, smoking, and dehydration.

You May Have A Hemoglobin Test For Several Reasons

hemoglobinTo determine your general health. During a typical medical visit, your doctor may check your hemoglobin as part of a complete blood count to monitor your overall health and screen for many illnesses, including anemia.

To determine a disease’s cause. If you’re feeling weakness, exhaustion, shortness of breath, or dizziness, your doctor could advise getting a hemoglobin test. These warning signs and symptoms might indicate polycythemia vera or anemia, and a hemoglobin test could use to identify these or other illnesses.

To keep an eye on a health situation. Your doctor may use hemoglobin testing to track the progression of your anemia or polycythemia vera and determine the best course of therapy.

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