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How to have glowing skin? Complete Overiew

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Tips and Tricks

Glowing Skin “We want to glow!”. You undoubtedly see this slogan flourishing everywhere on social networks, blogs or even on the pages of your magazines. But what is glow? The glow is the skin’s radiance, the aura and the light that the face gives off naturally, as smooth, powdery, velvety.

The polish is also and above all the inner well-being reflected on the outside. Complex, do you think? Not that much. By combining well-chosen beauty gestures, treatments adapted to your skin type, respectful lifestyle and well-being, the glow will be the daily life of your skin.

10 Natural Tips for Glowing Skin

  1. Hydrating Water

To supply itself with oxygen, the skin needs intensive moisture. And we’re no exception! So we’ve made it a rule to drink eight glasses of water a day.

  1. Raisins too Smooth

Once a week, the hide is exfoliated to confiscate dead cubicles and deeply cleanse the skin. For this, we extract the pits from a cluster of grapes. These are rubbed onto the skin of the face and neck in circular motions. The complexion is instantly unified and radiant.

  1. Rose Water for Homogenizing

After completely removing your makeup, soak two cotton pads in rose water and dab all over your face. Suitable for gasping and oily skin, rose water is known for its revitalizing and purifying properties. Boost guaranteed!

  1. Eye Tea

Drinking it will hydrate the body. Tea is also our ally to refresh the eyes and redden the eye area. For optimal decongestant effect, leave two sachets of chamomile on eyelids for five minutes. Chamomile is preferred for its anti-inflammatory properties.

  1. Tomatoes for Stains

Tomatoes for Stains Glowing Skin

A tomato puree applied to the face to eliminate redness and reduce pimples. These fruits similarly help us eradicate dead skin cells and refine our complexion.

  1. Honey for Pore

Three spoons of honey mixed with lemon juice to smooth uneven skin. To adjust the penetration of the mask, we take a steam bath that opens the pores. That makes them less prominent, and the skin appears more straightforward.

  1. Targeted Nutrition

Limit alcohol consumption (no more than one glass of wine per day), dilate blood vessels and irreversibly mark the skin. Avoid overeating fat (meat products, fast food, etc.) to avoid pimples. On the other hand, fish recommended for its fatty acids, which promote cell renewal. Foods rich in carotene (carrots, apricots.) also known to give the skin a radiant appearance.

  1. Essential Oils as a pick-me-up

However, Mix a few drops of crucial oils with water in a spray bottle to create a rejuvenating liquid. Sandalwood or bergamot oils chosen for their moisturizing properties. And also, the product sprayed several times a day to soften the skin and protect it from pollution.

  1. Earth for Purification

Too oily skin often lacks radiance due to the shine. To restore balance, mix two tablespoons of pink clay with the juice of half a lemon. Leave for a barrio of an hour before rinsing off with clear water. And we avoid green clay, which is too aggressive for the skin.

  1. Parsley against Blackheads

Sometimes the skin can darken in places due to a concentration of blackheads. However, to eliminate them, put parsley juice on the areas to remain treated. After rinsing, tap with a lemon wedge. The skin then cleansed and radiant.

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