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Men’s Skin Care Products for Oily Skin

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Men’s Skin Care Products for Oily Skin: As we have now mentioned on several occasions, most men have combination skin, and a very considerable part also has oily skin.

Combination skin is still a hybrid between normal skin and oily skin. Hence, as oily skin presents some skin characteristics, the type of facial care for combination skin applies to the one discussed in this series of articles. For oily skin care.

Facial care for oily skin cannot be the same, especially in men, as standard or dry skin.

Men’s Skin Care Products for Oily Skin: Oily skin is distinguished by its excess of sebum, a lot of shine, and fortunately few wrinkles. However, the counterpart is the premature sagging that combination and oily skin usually present.

Due to fewer wrinkles, oily skin does not age as quickly. If it is judged in this way, we could say that it is so; however, if proper facial care for oily skin is not paid attention to, the aging process and the appearance of wrinkles, although they may appear later, will appear much more suddenly. The sensation of skin aging will be much more pronounced.

If facial care for oily skin is not adequate, the following problems may occur:

  • deep dehydration
  • Excess sebum, shine.
  • Premature sagging.

This article will focus on the first case, profound temporary dehydration and peeling of oily skin.

We will focus on sections 2 and 3 above in the following two articles.

1. Oily Dehydrated Men’s Skin

It may seem strange that oily skin can suffer more or more minor temporary dehydration in its lower layers, but it is much more common than we think.

This manifests as redness and even flaking and is a sign that the skin is out of balance. The cause may lie in the type of facial hygiene that we are doing.

As we have already mentioned, men with oily skin tend to wash their faces more frequently to remove shine and sweat. And there is no problem in performing this action.

We always say that facial care always goes through a good cleaning and that we should never apply any gel or moisturizer without having cleaned the face first.

The problem, therefore, lies in the type of product that we may be using for facial cleansing. We must bear in mind that the skin of our face is five times thinner than that of our body. This means that the product we use to clean our faces must also be more respectful.

We must pay attention that facial cleansing products do not contain sulfates and do not have too high a pH (pH 5.5 being ideal).

Suppose we use a bar of conventional bar soap or a too aggressive soap for our skin, apart from unbalancing it and causing the redness above and peeling. In that case, the skin will react to protect itself by generating even more sebum, developing more oil, and creating a rebound effect. Contrary to what is desired.

The First Step Is Always Facial Cleansing

That is why we always say that to cleanse oily skin, you have to do it with a very respectful product of the skin on your face.

You must cleanse thoroughly to remove impurities, pollution, and sweat, but you must do so without unbalancing the skin.

Finding a facial cleanser that meets all these requirements is not easy. Therefore, we have developed natural skin-protecting ingredients such as organic Aleo Vera and organic Chamomile that will help calm your skin and prevent it from becoming unbalanced.

Of course, it is a facial cleanser formulated for men and without sulfates. In addition, it has a pH value not to destroy the natural protective barrier of your skin and keeps it consistently healthy.

Cleanliness is the most important aspect of facial care, regardless of skin type.

You have to be careful not to clean your face too much with other products because they can be very aggressive.

For persons of us who have oily skin, in summer, we like to wash our faces more than twice a day to avoid shine. With our Extra Gent’s facial cleanser, we can wash our face as many times as possible since we will keep it clean and purified. Still, at the same time, we will maintain its hydrolipidic mantle (its natural protection layer), which is so important to prevent external aggressions and hence premature aging.How often should men wash their faces?

Men must wash their faces twice a day: every morning and every night. Therefore, we must always wash our faces before applying our gel or facial moisturizer. Otherwise, if we use the moisturizing gel or cream without washing our beginning, we will re-introduce the toxins it has eliminated through the skin into our body and the pollution and accumulated dirt.

Can I increase the frequency of facial washing if I have oily Men’s Skin?

If you have oily skin, you can increase the frequency of facial cleansing without any problem. Likewise, there is no problem if your skin needs additional cleaning during the day due to sweat or excess oil secretion.
However, in this case, you should be extremely careful with the type of facial cleanser you are using. It would support using a facial cleanser without sulfates and pH5, like our Extra Gent, formulated only with soothing plant extracts such as Aloe Vera and organic Chamomile. It also has sea salt to remineralize your skin.

Cleanliness is the most important aspect of facial care, regardless of skin type.

In the following article about caring for oily skin, we tell you how to regulate excess sebum on your skin using a sebum-regulating cosmetic product for men.


Now that we have shared our guidelines on treating your oily skin try it for yourself.

Don’t let oily skin make you feel bad. The tips we provide are pretty easy to follow and do not require much effort. So take it easy and incorporate 1-3 new changes to your skin routine per week. You will notice the improvements in a month.