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Night Care – Our Advice for Beautiful Skin

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1. Eliminate the pollution of the day with a make-up remover

Night Care – The correct formulas: Many micellar lotions now contain detoxifying and depolluting ingredients such as titrated dandelion, black tea or cranberry extract. In addition to the make-up removing action, these products rid the skin of particles and help it fight oxidative stress.

The fitting gesture: Apply the solution to a cotton pad pass it without rubbing over the entire face and neck. Renew with new cotton as long as it is not clean.

2. Smooth the skin texture with a lotion

Smooth the skin texture with a lotion Night Care

The correct formulas: AHA-based lotions or fruit-based enzymes such as papain help boost cell renewal in the exfoliation process, make the complexion more even and stimulate cell activity. They are used in the evening to take advantage of the skin’s regeneration peak at night, but also because they can make the skin more reactive to the sun.

It is a beautiful gesture to soak a cotton pad in lotion and pass it over the entire clean face, avoiding the eye area. To be done once or twofold a week or, as a cure, every evening for a week.

3. Boost cell regeneration with serums

The correct formulas: The advantage of applying serum in the evening is twofold. On the one hand, it moistens the skin better to penetrate the active ingredients of the night cream. On the other hand, it provides regenerating components such as immortelle essential oil to boost during repair between 11 p.m. and 2 a.m.

The fitting gesture: Place a few drops of serum on the fingertips, then massage in small circular movements over the entire face and neck.

4. Plump the epidermis with masks Night Care

The correct formulas: With age, the skin loses its elasticity. Result: wrinkles are more marked upon waking, and the face can sometimes even be “wrinkled” by the pillow. To avoid it, turn to masks that help the epidermis retain its “shape memory” thanks to plumping and stimulating active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, yuzu extract or collagen.

The incredible gesture: Apply the night cream thickly on the face without massaging.

5. Erase the signs of ageing with night care

The correct formulas: In addition to a regeneration peak, the skin experiences an increase in cutaneous microcirculation at night. Therefore, it is ideal for penetrating specific active ingredients to correct dark spots, wrinkles, sagging skin, or lack of radiance. The best? Global formulas are bursting with star ingredients in the field, such as regenerating micro-algae, smoothing AHAs or filling hyaluronic acid.

The fitting gesture: Apply a hazelnut on the forehead, cheeks and chin. Massage with the fingertips in upward circular motions, from the chin towards the ears and the cheeks towards the forehead.

6 . Detoxify to regain radiance

The correct formulas: If you find your complexion dull, it may be that the skin is struggling to evacuate toxins as it should during the night effectively. To give it a boost, bet on so-called ” detox ” creams that contain ingredients such as silk tree extract or birch sap. Some can combine smoothing and resurfacing active ingredients such as AHAs, glycolic acid or lactic acid to strengthen the skin. “cooling off” effect on waking.

The fitting gesture: Apply the cream all over the face, then pat and lightly press on the forehead, temples and cheeks to stimulate the natural drainage system.

7. Patch in the evening to rejuvenate the look

The correct formulas: The best for smoothing the eyes overnight? Ultra-regenerating ingredients like peptides, anti-wrinkle like retinol or hyaluronic acid and anti-puffiness like cucumber extract. Using technologies like hydrogel or micro-cones to distil their elements, these patches are less nourishing than nighttime eye care products. Result: the eyes are refreshed without the risk of swollen eyelids upon waking!

The fitting gesture: Apply the patches on clean, dry skin. Smooth them from the inner corner to the outer corner to adhere well.

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