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PhD Position + Medical Robotics + United States

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PhD Position + Medical Robotics + United StatesPhD position + Medical Robotics + United States – Enable new frontiers in patient care. Unleash the possibilities with complete product solutions for robotic surgical instruments and systems.

Advances in medical robotics are pushing healthcare into the future. Improve the skill of the surgeon. Create better skills. And when you’re building robotic surgical systems that advance healthcare, you need a product development and manufacturing partner you can trust.

Medical robotics companies rely on Plex us for engineering, manufacturing, and lifecycle support to bring industry-leading surgical robotics to market. Because patients place their hopes in the hands of their surgeons, we’ll help you put more powerful abilities at your fingertips.

Market Leaders Choose Plexus To Develop And Manufacture Medical Robotics Products.

PhD Position + Medical Robotics + United States

Changing health care

PhD position + Medical Robotics + United States –  Mobile robots improve patient care, employee satisfaction, safety, productivity, and more.

The TUG autonomous robot works in your hospital 24/7 to move clinical equipment and supplies. It allows your staff to focus on patient care and responsiveness during peak demand and improves overall logistics efficiency.

Feeding With Milk

TUG was designed with nurses in mind. With TUG, nurses know when medications, meals, supplies, and tests will arrive. More hunting. More calls. Really. The result is greater job satisfaction and more time for patient care.


TUG safely delivers medication across the hospital and directly to nursing units. Secure and automate deliveries typically made via pneumatic tubes or manual couriers, including controlled substances and refill carts.


TUG rejects the headaches and restrictions associated with solid tube systems. Even better, through biometric security and unique PIN codes, TUG ensures that only authorized medical personnel add or remove samples from the secure cabinet.

Food Service

TUG provides cost-effective, automated delivery of meals to patient floors and returns dirty trays to food service. With TUG, staff can apply more time managing eating needs and interacting with patients.


TUG is a safer and more efficient way to manage waste disposal. The system also integrates with automated unloading equipment so the cart can be emptied without employee assistance, which is especially useful during off-hours.


PhD position + Medical Robotics + United States – TUG safely affords scheduled and on-demand bedding delivery to care units. Cleaning staff doesn’t have to leave the team to receive linen supplies because TUG delivers where the stores are needed.

Fully Funded Ph.D. Positions in Various Natural Science and Engineering Disciplines

PhD position + Medical Robotics + United States –  Realize your project idea or apply for an advertised Ph.D. position within a cutting-edge interdisciplinary research network!

Join the interdisciplinary network of senior scientists and pursue your Ph.D. project in the discipline of one of the Intimidate Fellows or apply for an advertised Hector Fellow position. Outstanding young scientists worldwide are invited to apply for the fully sponsored Ph.D. positions.

Outstanding young scientists worldwide are invited to apply for the fully sponsored Ph.D. positions.

PhD Position + Medical Robotics + United States

Conditions of Admission:

  • Excellent abstract presentation
  • Excellent master’s degree (or equivalent) in the own field of specialization
  • Excellent English skills.
  • Availability to live at the university of the supervisor Hector Fellow if necessary
  • Presentation of an innovative and self-developed research proposal in the area of ​​study of one of the Hector Fellows

Surgery Companies in The United States

About Robotic Surgery of united states

PhD position + Medical Robotics + United States –  Surgery has evolved from a risky art to a sophisticated and ever-evolving scientific discipline capable of treating many diseases and conditions. Until the Industrial Revolution, surgeons struggled with three main obstacles that had plagued the medical profession since its Inception: bleeding, pain, and infection. Recent technological advances have increased the types of procedures that can be performed and, more importantly, have revolutionized how these procedures can be achieved. Robot-assisted surgery is still in its infancy, as many of these systems are expensive and cumbersome and have not been widely accepted as better alternatives to traditional surgery. However, current systems on the market and systems under development are changing how surgeons and patients perceive robotic systems.

With approximately 600,000 robot-assisted surgeries performed in the United States last year, the robotic surgery market is expected to experience impressive growth to approach 1 million surgeries by 2028. For this reason, we wanted to highlight some of the leading mechanical surgery companies in the United States. United States.

Top Robotic Surgery Companies In The USA

  • intuitive surgical
  • stryker
  • blacksmith and nephew
  • Precision
  • Medtronic
  • medicine ball
  • Johnsons and Johnsons
  • Zimmer Biomet
  • intuitive surgical

PhD position + Medical Robotics + United States – Intuitive Surgical expects to remain the market leader with a significant margin during the forecast period, driven by revenue from procedures and service and maintenance costs.


Stryker was the second-largest competitor in the total surgical robotics market in 2021. Robotic Arm interactive orthopedic surgical platform. Since the acquisition, Stryker has marketed the system as the Mako™ Robotic Arm. These market activities have enhanced Stryker’s advanced imaging and visualization portfolio and enhanced the company’s reputation in the medical device market.

Blacksmith And Nephew

PhD position + Medical Robotics + United States –  In 2021, Smith & Nephew held the third leading position in the total surgical robotics market. In October 2015, in a $275 million deal, Smith & Nephew acquired Blue Belt Technologies and its NAVIO™ platform, which enables robot-assisted incomplete or knee replacements. The system will phase out over the next few years as the company introduces its next-generation system, the CORI™ Surgical System, which cleared the FDA in February 2020. Compared to NAVIO, CORI is a more brilliant and efficient platform with 29% faster resection, a four times faster frame rate, and the ability to cut more in less time.


PhD position + Medical Robotics + United States – Accuray was the fourth largest competitor in the total surgical robotics market in 2021. Accuray markets its CyberKnife robotic radiosurgery system, developed through the company’s partnership with KUKA AG, a manufacturer of industrial robots. CyberKnife uses computer-controlled robotics and image guidance to deliver high-energy radiation to a tumor.


PhD position + Medical Robotics + United States –  In 2021, Medtronic ranked fifth in the total surgical robotics market. Mazor Robotics previously held this position until its acquisition by Medtronic in December 2018, a year of transition for the two companies. The company was the market leader in robot-assisted spine surgery and was the third-largest competitor in the robot-assisted neurosurgery market. Medtronic’s product portfolio includes three robotic platforms, Hugo RAS, StealthAutoguide, and Mazor X Robotic Guidance System.

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