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Beauty Products for Oily Skin Types

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Firstly Oily skin needs hydration, but we must choose the cream well not to create more sebum, clog pores or make us shine.

oily skin, best oil-free moisturizers

Oily skin is suffering skin. Those who have it know it. Shine, pimples, or dilated pores are approximate characteristics. Though not everything is terrible because oily skin prevents wrinkles and makes the skin look younger for longer.

A common fault made with oily skin is to think that it does not have essential hydration, that the oil it generates is enough, or that moisturizing causes more oil, acne, or luster on the skin. However, just like any skin type, oily complexions need hydration. If you don’t hydrate, oily skin will create more sebum and worsen the situation.

An essential routine for oily skin consists of facial cleansing – to which you should pay attention – in the morning and at night, and then apply the conforming one. Of course, the cream must be adapted to each type of skin. It is convenient to check that it does not include oils, comedogenic agents, or other components that can damage it.

These twelve creams are a perfect option for oily skin

Nourishing Collagen Cream, Nezeni Cosmetics

Firstly This moisturizing and nourishing cream has a high concentration of hydrolyzed collagen to offer great hydration with a complete anti-aging action. In its formulation, we can find grape seed extract, açai extract and rosemary extract, powerful antioxidants, apple stem cells, surprising anti-aging properties, and sunflower oil. With a light and super spongy texture and, best of all, without irritants and very few preservatives.

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Nourishing Collagen Cream, by Nezeni Cosmetics (24.90 euros 50 ml).


Dramatically Different, de Clinique

His name comes to him that is not even painted. After using this cream for several months, a fundamental change in the skin is noticeable. The skin’s texture softens, it remains hydrated, the imperfections appear less and less, and the pimple marks fade. It can be used twice a day, before noon and night.

dramatically different clinique

Dramatically different from Clinique (29 euros 50ml)


Effaclar Mat by La Roche Posay

We find Sebulyse (a new sebum-regulating active component more potent than zinc) among its ingredients. This cream is oil-free and non-comedogenic. It has a double anti-shine + anti-dilated pore effect while preventing our skin from drying out.

effaclar mat

Effaclar Mat, from La Roche Posay (12 euros 40 ml)


Cleanance Mat , from Avene

Avène is one of the products with the widest variety of products for oily skin. The Clearance Mat emulsion is a perfect option as it regulates excess sebum, mattifies, moisturizes, and is an ideal primer before makeup.

cleanance mat

Cleanance Mat, from Avène (11 euros 40ml)


Oily skin – Ultra Facial Oil Free Gel Cream, de Kiehls

We find Imperata Cylindrica extract and antarctic that help retains hydration in its components. Formulated specifically for oily skin, this cream helps reduce excess oil and control shine for 24 hours. The gel texture is enjoyable, with a fresh sensation and rapid absorption.

Kiehl’s oil-free

Ultra facial Oil Free, de Kiehls (21 euros 50ml)


Hydreane Ligera , de la Roche Posay

It is a moisturizing and illuminating ointment, formulated for skin ranging from standard to oily, but especially for the most sensitive. Perfect for protecting the skin in winter without increasing the fat on our skin


Light Hydreane, by La Roche Posay (12 euros 40ml)


Full of Grace, de Lush

It is an easy solid serum that melts into the skin. Its ingredients include blue chamomile oil and calamine powder,  However which control oil and soothe the skin. It is applied by heating the bar on the fingertips or sliding it directly onto the face. It offers a very light sensation and is easily absorbed.

full of grace

Full of Grace, by Lush (12.50 euros 20 grams)


Hydra Life, de Dior

This balm intensely nourishes, reinforces its equilibrium, and soothes the skin. Although not specially formulated for oily skin, it does not produce sebum and is perfect for smoothing out blemishes.

Hydra life

Hydra Life moisturizing cream by Dior (61 euros 50ml)


Intense Moisturizing Ginzing from Origins

The moisturization helps restore radiance and instantly refreshes and invigorates the skin. It Covers coffee seed oil, which has energizing properties, and cupuaçu butter, which contributes to radiant skin. It is quickly absorbed and perfect to use before makeup. The best? The citrus smell activates you in the morning as soon as you apply it.

Oily skin – origins

Ginzing Intense Moisturizer, by Origins (31 euros 50ml)


Sébium Mat Control , from Bioderma

This moisturizer offers eight hours without shine and helps fight against imperfections. We find zinc and vitamin B6 in its ingredients, which help regulate shine, smooth skin texture, and reduce pore size. It also has astringent and keratolytic active ingredients. It contains an exclusive patent called Fluidactiv™ that biologically regulates sebum quality and prevents clogging of pores.

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Sebiúm Mat Control, from Bioderma (12 euros 30ml)


Sunlight, by La Fresca

This cream is from a Spanish brand of organic cosmetics. It is made with natural components and contains witch hazel extract (which has a high sebum-regulating and mattifying control), hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and crude lemon oil with astringent properties. Both the texture and the aroma are enjoyable.

Oily skin – Product, Technology,

Luz d’ sol, from La Fresca (19.99 euros 50ml)

Oily skin – THE FRESH

Hydra Beauty Cream, by Chanel

With the Hydra Beauty line, Chanel presents this moisturizing cream with a fresh texture whose formula will make your skin look more hydrated than ever. Its composition includes camellia and its intensely moisturizing active ingredient, Camellia Alba PFA, which helps the skin rebuild and maintain the optimal water level inside the cells.

Oily skin needs hydration, but we must choose the cream well not to create more sebum, clog pores or make us shine.

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