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Surgery Or Lipo Laser The Best Option to Eliminate Double CHIN?

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Surgery Or Lipo Laser: One of the areas where it becomes more challenging to eradicate accumulated adipose tissue is precisely in the lower area of the chin. Better known as the double chin. Observe how this area progressively acquires more volume and flaccidity. This subcutaneous fat accumulated in this area has become a headache for many people, with obese or not.

This condition is not exclusive to older and overweight people.

It can also be presented by thin and young people, mainly those who had a short development of their jaws. In any case, what is the best option to eliminate double chin? Is it double chin surgery or double chin lipo laser? Here we tell you everything!

Double Chin Liposuction

Double chin liposuction is a simple and minimally invasive intervention. We can eliminate localized fat in the submental region, that is, in the jaw area, to define the lower part of the face and neck, in what we know as a mandibular ridge.

Generally, liposuction in the lower area of the chin and neck is intended for patients who show an accumulation of fat between the middle and anterior region of the neck; a condition that is resolve by this surgical intervention and that can done on an outpatient basis, by a team specialize in plastic surgery or maxillofacial surgery.


The procedure to remove a double chin with surgery begins with the placement of local anesthesia, but that, in some cases, may require total sedation of the patient, depending on the amount of fat you want or need to remove.

Immediately after sedation, the surgeon introduces small cannulas through minor incisions he has made in the region. Then, he will perform the subcutaneous fat aspiration through these cannulas, a procedure that can increase revenue by up to an hour on average.

As we said before, since it is an outpatient operation, the operation to remove a double chin does not require hospitalization, and the patient can return home immediately. Following the minimum care indicated by his doctor.

 Surgery Or Lipo Laser: What Results Will I Get with the Double Chin Operation?

You will be able to observe the following results after an operation to reduce double chin:

  • Remarkable reduction of fat under the chin
  • Redefines the edge and mandibular area, thus remodeling the neck area.
  • Shaping and facial rejuvenation

Liposuction + Lifting or Mentoplasty: how are they combine?

It is significant to stress that the results of double chin liposuction will be achieved as long as it has increased due to the accumulation of fatty tissue in the area, an area that, when the fat is removed, the skin will progressively take its place on the mandibular rim.

Now. When the double chin is the product of poor jaw development. And consequently, there is excess skin or flaccidity in the subnational region. It will be necessary to combine liposuction with the double chin lift.

Otherwise. When the double chin is only the result of flaccidity in the area. It will not be necessary to perform liposuction but simply lifting to reduce the double chin, also called cervical lifting.

With the cervical lift, the surgeon will lift the sagging skin of the lower part of the face, through the combination of suture of the platysmal bands and the extraction of fat, either through a lipectomy or prior liposuction.

On the other finger. In the case of jowl removal in patients with very short or underdeveloped jaws, liposuction alone will not suffice. On the contrary. It will require a combination with other facial surgery procedures. Such as placing a chin advance or an implant, typical of Mentoplasty.

During the diagnostic phase, the treating plastic surgeon will review the patient’s features and conditions to. Define which surgical method or option is more viable to eliminate the double chin and obtain a harmonious face. Resulting in a combination of these.

 Surgery Or Lipo Laser : double chin removal without surgery

With the advances in aesthetic medicine today. Correcting the double chin does not necessarily imply having to go under the knife. There are other valid options to remove the double chin without surgery. Here we tell you!

As we have said, both facelift and liposuction are the most used surgical techniques to eliminate the double chin. In contrast, the non-surgical ones used are radiofrequency, mesotherapy, and ultrasound, both less aggressive and not very effective.

Some non-surgical treatments to remove a double chin include deoxycholic acid, adipocyte freezing, and laser.

In the first case, deoxycholic acid is injected a synthetic version in the area where the fat is, through a micro-puncture, which acts by destroying the adipocyte (fat cell) instead of emptying it cannot be stocked up. Subsequently, the body naturally excretes these destroyed cells, so many call this treatment chemical liposuction or Belkyra, whose results are permanent.

Secondly, we find the freezing of adipocytes, also called cool sculpting, through which the facial area is remodeled by applying cold to the accumulated fat of the neck. Because the fat cells are more vulnerable to low temperatures than the surrounding tissues. They can be remove by cold without damaging the adjacent skin.

Finally, we have find the double chin lipo laser, especially for patient have an excess of double chin and all skin, since, with the Belkyra treatment, the extra skin can’t be made to disappear. Therefore, lipo laser is an effective technique to reduce double chin, which allows excess skin to be indifferent and neck muscles to be repaire more effectively. That is, it eliminates fat and corrects sagging skin.

The best thing about these actions is that they do not leave any scar on. The lower part of the face and are equally effective in restoring the harmony of a stylized look.


Surgery Or Lipo Laser :The primary drive of this technique is to eliminate the double chin, reducing fat, and it is something that it achieves, but it also has other additional positive effects.

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