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5 – Tips for Feet Care – Running is healthy and the most natural way of moving. This not only puts a lot of strain on the joints but also on the feet.

Many underestimate the importance of taking proper care of their feet. A lack of maintenance can result in fungi or cracked heels. These can easily be prevented with simple means, thus avoiding unnecessary pain or aesthetic defects. Here are a few tips for taking proper care of your feet.

Take a footbath

Your own body offers the best regeneration. This can already be supported and additionally stimulated with a simple foot bath. An occasional footbath in lukewarm water can already work small miracles. Thorough drying after the footbath is also essential. Although a footbath is conducive to regeneration, it should not be used too often. This might have the opposite effect and cause your feet to dry out. The result can be fungus or cracked heels. Read more about cracked heels here.

The right nail care

An essential aspect of healthy feet is proper nail care. The toenails should never be too long. Otherwise, they could cause problems in tight shoes. Therefore, regular trimming of the toenails is highly recommend. These should be cut off as straight as possible. Otherwise, the nails could grow into the cuticles, which can cause pain when walking. You should also avoid damaging the cuticles. These only offer additional areas for nail fungi or pathogens of infectious diseases.

remove calluses

A lot of running usually also leads to complex skin formation. This becomes particularly problematic when cracks form in the cornea. The heel, in particular, is expose to an increase risk of crack skin due to the constant stress. Deep cracks in the skin can be painful. In addition, they form a large target for pathogens and athletes’ feet. Regular removal of the cornea can help in this case. In addition, it usually brings with it a pleasant feeling.

Cream your Feet Care

The chronic strain on your feet quickly leads to the formation of calluses and further injuries to the skin on the feet. Avoiding these is the main goal for healthy and pain-free feet. Your skin will be supple if you regularly apply appropriate foot cream to your feet. In addition, callus formation can be reduce and foot injuries avoid. The best time to put cream on your feet is right after a footbath. In this way, your feet are lightly greased and do not threaten to dry out.

The Feet Care massage

An alternative way to keep your feet healthy is a foot massage. First and foremost, it has a relaxing effect and relieves slight cramps in your feet that develop due to constant stress. A positive side effect of a foot massage is the activation of the body’s regeneration. Similar to a foot bath, receptors are stimulate, which promotes the natural regeneration of your feet. So a foot massage now and then doesn’t hurt anyone. Your feet will thank you.


Although they are very robust, the feet also need appropriate care due to their regular, heavy use. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an occasional foot bath, common cream application, or a foot massage. Even with simple means, you can do something good for your body.


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