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5 Tips to Maximize Muscle Growth

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Maximize Muscle Growth

Gaining weight is not what it seems. Many think it is only about adding more kilos to the scale, but it is actually about increasing muscle mass with the least possible amount of fat.

Some do not understand it until they have been trying for a while. So, tired of pounding and gobbling up, they look for shortcuts to get them to their goal faster. What they don’t know is that those shortcuts don’t exist.

To gain weight, one must have the same mentality as to lose it. It takes effort and dedication. Also, you must know that there is no a valid approach for everyone regarding the body.

The advice that we will give will help you maximize mass muscle gain without accumulating more fat than necessary. However, you should apply them according to your situation.

Eat more calories than you expend – Muscle.

It may seem obvious, but some don’t understand that the only way to gain weight is by taking in additional calories daily than you expend. The formula is simple. You have to control how much you eat concerning what you burn. As a general guideline, no more than 5,000 calories would be good for building muscle without those extra calories being stored as fat.

Train hard

If you do not demand the maximum in your training, a calorie-rich diet will do you no good. To transform calories into muscle, you must provide your body with the proper stimulus. That stimulus is what you create during intense sessions in the gym. So if you want more muscle mass, let your body know.

Limit cardio

Cardiovascular exercise is good for burning fat and keeping your heart healthy. But too much cardio uses up more energy than it should. Therefore, limit your cardio sessions to no more than three per week and 15 minutes long. This way, you will get the profits of cardio without consuming more calories than you should.

 Eat the right foods – Muscle.

If you eat anything, you will most likely store more fat than muscle. While if you eat the right foods, you can get improved results with the same effort.

First of all, include complex starches in your diet. You find these in pasta, rice, potatoes, bread, cereals, muesli, corn, lentils, etc. They will give you the energy to endure your workouts and repair your muscles.

Second, eat red meat. They have a high caloric content and iron, zinc, and B vitamins. They will give you the extra get-up-and-go you need to gain mass. However, it is not suggested to take them daily.

Include nutritional supplements in your diet

It’s hard to imagine how much nutritious involvement muscles need to grow. For this reason, nutritional supplements can be of great help. These will provide the additional biological compound, proteins, and fats the body asks for.


Gaining weight is a process that involves a lot of effort. Not doing it properly guarantees you to accumulate fat instead of muscle mass. You must follow a complicated training plan and a strict caloric diet.

Therefore, there are a few things you can do to achieve your goal:

Consume more calories than you expend (essential)

Train intensely, limiting cardiovascular exercises

Consume complex carbohydrates and red meat

Include nutritional supplements in your diet

Following these tips will give you a huge advantage in gaining weight. However, keep in mind that there is no magical formula or trick that frees you from the required energy.

Don’t get discouraged and stay motivated. All you have to do is train daily and eat properly. When you want to realize it, you will have a physique of massive proportions in front of the mirror.

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