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Top Men’s Shaving Products: For Sensitive Skin

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Tips and Tricks

Mens Shaving Products – MenMens Shaving Productss shaving products are designed for a better experience for men before, during, and after shaving. To improve skin quality, hydrate, soothe and achieve the best shave.

However, it is common to observe dehydrated or irritated skin due to male cosmetic habits, such as –

  • Excessive degreasing of the skin due to the use of soaps.
  • The use of Mens Shaving Products with high alcohol content.

But many men also have sensitive skin, and in this case. Daily care treatments must be specific for this type of skin, regardless of gender.

This is our TOP 5 selection of cosmetics for sensitive male skin: Mens Shaving Products

  1. NuxeMen shaving cream foam – this soft foam allows frequent shaving without irritating the skin and, above all. Prevents beard hair from becoming encrusted, shave aftershave.

I am going to spend a little more time on the subject of Men’s Shaving Products to give you a few tips :

– For an excellent wet shave with a blade, you must first wash your face and neck well with warm water and facial cleansing gel to remove dirt, sebum, and sweat. This way, you will prevent pimples from forming or any small wound you make during the process from becoming infected.

– Then moisten the facial hair with warm water to soften it and make it easier to cut.

– Apply the shaving cream, foam, or gel in a thick layer, covering all the hair; In this way, you protect the skin from irritations and cuts because it improves the blade’s glide, and you will obtain a much smoother shave.

– Make gentle movements with slight pressure, following the orientation of the hair.

– You should frequently rinse the blade with hot water to prevent the hair from clogging the space between the blades.

– I recommend that you leave the thickest beard that grows on the jaws and around the lips for last since the longer they are in contact with the shaving product, the more it will soften, and the more accessible and cleaner the cut will be. So you will avoid cuts and irritations.

– Rinse your face and neck with plenty of freshwaters after shaving and gently dry your skin with a towel without rubbing. Then you should apply a soothing product, preferably without alcohol.

The last step is to rinse the razors at the end of the shave and shake off the excess water without touching the blades so as not to damage them. And remember to change the blades often, because if they cut severely. It is easier for cuts and skin irritations to occur, and in the long run. It will become more and more sensitive.

  1. Aftershave balm – Many lotions contain alcohol, which is an ordeal for sensitive skin. It stings, irritates the skin of the face, and even dries it out and makes it more sensitive.

So a perfect product for this type of skin in men is Bioderma’s Sensibio Forte cream, applied after                shaving. It is specifically formulated for susceptible skin, and its soothing and moisturizing action is immediate. Repairs damaged skin and calm the redness caused by the irritation caused by the blade after shaving.

  1. If you have very reactive skin – easily irritated, stings, gets red, and sometimes even flakes, I recommend using Bioderma Tolerance Plus as a daily moisturizer. This new treatment for intolerant skin gives outstanding results, both in men and women. In general, sensitive skin improves its response to external agents and feels more comfortable and energetic.
  2. If you have sensitive skin – it is even more important not to forget to use sunscreen every day throughout the summer months. In this case, I recommend Photoderm ultra-fluid 50+ from Bioderma. Due to its light, non-greasy texture, it is very popular with male skin. In addition, it is very light and absorbs quickly, so you don’t waste a minute.
  3. Normally, when you have sensitive skin – so is your body. So it would be convenient to use a mild shower gel, without soap, for daily hygiene. The best shower gel for sensitive skin in the whole house is Bioderma’s Atoderm gel. It is hypoallergenic and does not comprehend parabens or perfumes. So it only smells clean, and it is a product that you love from my experience in the pharmacy, for its value for money and the results on your skin.