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Wellhealthorganic.com: monsoon-fruits-help-you-lose-weight – Fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals that support maintaining health. Related to other foods, it has a sweet and delicious taste, so even if you are on a raw food diet, you will not easily bite.

However, they are higher in calories than vegetables. I don’t know if it’s good for your health, but I’m wondering if having a sweet taste is effective for losing weight.

Fruit is a carbohydrate food

Carbohydrates that come into our bodies as rice or bread are broken down into glucose (glucose) and absorbed.

Glucose entering the blood immediately raises blood and stimulates insulin secretion. Expect you eat many foods that fast increase blood sugar and cause a large amount of insulin to be secreted quickly (for example, processed foods or white flour foods holding sugar or high fructose corn syrup). In that case, it is easy to collect in the body in the form of fat, which causes obesity.

What about fruit?

What about fruit_

Fruits contain a lot of simple sugar called fructose (fructose). Fructose does not stimulate insulin. Also, unlike glucose, which is easily excreted from the liver into the blood, fructose requires metabolization in the liver. So you can keep your blood sugar and insulin more stable. However, when sugar storage in the liver is complete, the excess fructose must be stored in fat.

Again If you overeat fruit, you will undoubtedly gain weight.

The calories in fruit aren’t too bad. Calorie content varies depending on the sugar content and size, but based on regular size, the calories per fruit are higher than expected. And also 150 calories in apples and 200 calories in pears. A few fruits eaten carelessly give off the same energy as a rice bowl. Bananas, oranges, melons, persimmons, and peaches all have 100 calories, kiwis have 50 calories, and one slice of watermelon has 25 calories. There are 50 calories in 10 strawberries and 50 calories in 20 grapes.

On the other hand, one large tomato has 40 calories, and ten cherry tomatoes have 25 calories. Tomatoes are more of a vegetable than a fruit, and it’s an excellent way to eat cherry tomatoes when you feel hungry while dieting.

Problems with the fruit diet

It is said that the fruit diet, which fills the stomach only with fruits for three meals a day, is widespread. What happens if you eat only fruit all week?

The principle of losing weight when on a raw food diet is that you cannot eat a lot at once because the menu is monotonous. The raw food diet tells you to eat “all you can” of one food, but eating more than 1000 calories a day is not easy. If you eat too little. And also, you lose a lot of water initially so you will see a relatively significant width loss.

But what if you only eat fruit?

First of all, muscle loss is unavoidable as protein intake becomes severely deficient. Health problems due to nutritional imbalance may also appear because other nutrients lacking in fruits, such as vitamin B12 and essential fatty acids, are insufficient. Because it is impossible to fill the 40 nutrients our body needs with only fruits.

Above all, half of the weight loss, in the beginning, is water. And also accompanied by loss of fat and muscle protein, so if you increase the amount of food again, the yo-yo phenomenon is evident.

How can eating fruit benefit your health and help you lose weight?

Eating fruit rather than chocolate or cake is better if you often crave sweet foods because of stress. Also, eating the fruit as it is rather than juicing it is better. Fruit is better than fruit juice because it is high in fiber. And also does not strongly stimulate insulin hormone secretion by slowly raising blood sugar. Canned or dried fruits are high in calories and should be avoided when dieting. For good health, it is recommended to eat fruit every day.

Different fruits have different nutrient content and content, so eating various other fruits every day is advisable.


Fruit of monsoons to help with weight loss. This fruit is low in calories and fiber, enabling you to lose weight. It is also ironic in vitamin C, which helps with immunity. Monsoon fruit helps prevent all major diseases affecting you.

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