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What Is Gemma Tossell Fitness?

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Gemma Tossell Fitness”I am a friendly and knowledgeable Personal Trainer and Gemma Tossell Fitness Instructor based in Sitting bourne, Kent. With the qualifications to help you reach your health and fitness goals most safely and enjoyably, whether as a Personal Trainer or through my various fitness classes, such as Meta fit HIIT, Hatton Boxing, or Kettlercise, or one of my local Bootcamps.”

Gemma Tossell Fitness Attending, Your First Class, Can Be Scary

let alone paying for the pleasure, And also we have an excellent offer for all new clients!
Physical Activity Readiness

Inquiry Form Gemma Tossell Fitness

This PAR-Q is to help you help yourself. Many benefits are related to regular exercise, and completing the PAR-Q form is a sensible first step to take if you plan to increase the volume of physical movement in your natural lifetime.

Gemma Tossell Fitness Physical activity should not pose a problematic or threat for the most incredible people.

This PAR-Q has been calculated to identify the small number of people whose physical activity might be inappropriate or who should seek medical advice about the type of activity most fitting for them. Common sense is your best guide for re-joining these questions.

  • Consumes your doctor said that you have a heart condition And also  that you should only do the physical activity recommended by a doctor? *

Yes  or  No

  • Do you feel pain in your trunk when doing physical activity? *

Yes or No

  • Have you had chest pain in the previous month while not doing physical activity?
  • Do you lose your balance because of faintness, or do you ever lose consciousness?

If you have re-joined YES to any of the above questions, you must gain consent from your doctor before participating in the personal training program.

If you have answer NO to all of the above questions and you have reasonable assurance of your suitability for:

A personal training program will include; And also  personalized progressive program designed around your needs and contains short, medium, and long-term goals. The program will work on all components of physical fitness and use the training principles to ensure it includes a gradual periodized program of exercise and physical activity.

You are advised to postpone entry to the program if you feel unwell or have a temporary illness. It will help if you inform your trainer of any change to health status while engaged in your training program.

Gemma Tossell Fitness Bootcamps

Creating and planning Bootcamp classes is one of my favorite things to do!

  • In our class, And also you will find.
    No Bootcamp class is the same.
    Each class works for all major muscle groups in a fun and active environment.
    It doesn’t matter what level of fitness you are. Every exercise can be changed to suit you.
    We sometimes use a kit, play games, and have fun but always work hard for the 45 – 60 minute session.
    Our morning boot camps are continuously outside in the fresh air. No matter what the weather, we are there all year round!

Personal Training Gemma Tossell Fitness Bootcamps

Sign up for Personal Training
What’s included.
Fitness Testing
Physical assessment
Nutritional support
Body fat % management
And also Goal setting
Structured planning specific to your needs
Daily support and motivation
Daily contact with Gemma (if needed)
Weekly homework and challenges
And also 60-minute sessions – working at a location that suits you

Please pay for your first session up front, where we can get to know each other and discuss your goals.

How it works Personal Training Gemma Tossell Fitness Bootcamps

If you are happy to go ahead, And also I offer discounts for a block booking of 10 sessions.

Courses Offer Our Pieces Of Training How It Works Personal Training Gemma Tossell Fitness Bootcamps

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