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Natural Glow – The goal of wrinkle-free skin, luminous, juicy skin with that healthy finish that we so wish for requires several aspects. Food, lifestyle, and even hormones influence it; we must accept it. However, the other significant factor to consider is the cosmetic ingredients with which we nourish it every day. In this sense, we should maximize its effects. If we want that effort we make not to skip our care routine for a single day, be worth it. Faced with this objective, the experts are clear about it, we need: ” active concentrates, which enhance and enrich our usual treatments.


You cannot use the same products in winter as in summer since the climatic conditions that affect the skin are different. And the matching thing happens throughout the day. In the morning, you should use cosmetics that protect the face, and at night, that repair it.

There is one product in particular that you can never miss: the facial essence. As the first step in your daily routine, the element will provide the hydration that the deepest layers of the skin need and will act as the base of your moisturizing cream at any time of the year. And at night, its microorganism helps repair the skin during cell regeneration.


If you don’t want your skin to dull or produce more oil, use a water-based moisturizer like Aquasource Gel. Formulated with Life Plankton™, algae, and mannose, this gel-textured cream intensely hydrates and reduces excess fat.


The skin around the eyes is a stripper and extra sensitive than the face, requiring specific care. The eye contour is where imperfections and signs of aging are seen first. So forget about using the same products all over your face. This area needs a gentler formula. We recommend Blue Therapy Eye-Opening Serum, a serum enriched with Alga de la Juventud™ extract that works by enhancing the eyelids, decongesting bags, and smoothing wrinkles.


A study conducted by Swedish researchers concluded that people who are deprived of sleep for long periods are less attractive in the eyes of others than those who sleep well. If you find it unavoidable to sleep less during the summer, cover up your lack of sleep with a nighttime face mask that enhances the radiance of your skin every morning. Aquasource Night Spa’s combination of Polynesian marine organism extract and Life Plankton™ transforms skin night after night, leaving it hydrated, smooth, and soft.


Exercise is a very effective way to make your skin naturally glow at any time. Several studies show that going from a sedentary life to an active one reduces the signs of skin aging significantly. And it seems that sweating is good for your health in general, but it is also good if you want to boast of luminous and healthy skin.

It is, possibly, one of the aesthetic problems that most worries women (even, now, also men, although many times they refuse to admit it). It is also one of the reasons why they go more frequently to aesthetic medicine clinics.

6. Avoid artificial ‘solariums.’

Try cosmetic bronzers or self-tanning creams if you want a golden skin tone. You avoid risks, and the results are spectacular.

7. If you smoke, definitely give up tobacco

This harmful habit affects your heart and lungs, but the toxins in cigarette smoke also cause skin damage. Various studies have shown that smokers’ skin wrinkles earlier, and they are more prone to skin cancer.

8. Avoid rapid weight changes

Although crash diets are all the rage, people who have drastic weight changes (with a “yo-yo” effect) also shrink and stretch their skin. Our skin loses elasticity as we phase and cannot regain its tone and vitality after each new change.

9. Drink water for Natural Glow

At least two liters every day, especially outside meals. It is energetic to keep the body and naturally the skin hydrated. Also, drinking a lot ensures the proper elimination of undesirable toxins. Without enough water, your skin will become dehydrated, like a grape turning into a raisin lacking a liquid foundation.

10. Eat well for Natural Glow

a rich, varied and stable diet is good for the entire body. Carbohydrates in the morning and at noon (they are the source of the energy you need to function); and protein at night (to rebuild cells and organs, including skin, that you wear down during the day).

11. Use corrective lenses

Suppose you need them when necessary do not forget the sunglasses. You will avoid certain compensatory or protective facial expressions, especially periocular, which cause wrinkles. The skin about the eyes is fragile and delicate, and it is precisely here that the first facial wrinkles usually appear as a result of repetitive muscle contractions. In addition, sunglasses protect the periocular regions from ultraviolet radiation.

12. Sleep on your back

if it is not your usual position, try discreetly incorporating the mattress. You may not have understood it, but side sleepers often wake up with lines and marks on their skin. Over time, due to ongoing trauma, these can become permanent.

13. Avoid getting stressed

Make a reasonable effort to relax your facial muscles. Surely this advice may be the most difficult to follow, but it is a well-known fact that stress causes many skin problems. It is widespread for people to frown, clench their jaws and make faces without realizing it

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