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How to Remove Acidity in your Body?

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Sharpness in your Body – Essential for maintaining good health, the body’s acid-base balance is often damaged by our Western lifestyles and diets, which are particularly rich in acidifying materials. Thus, a poor lifestyle, a diet too rich in refined products, a lack of sleep, or a high stress level contribute significantly to the hyper-acidification of the human body.

How can we recognize excessive acidity in the body? What ways to combat the edge of the human body, make it more alkaline, and restore the acid-base balance essential to its proper functioning?

Acidity in the body: how to recognize and eliminate it?

Why is it important to balance the body’s pH?

A healthy body must have a balanced or neutral pH, around 7, or slightly alkaline. The levels of acidity – or alkalinity – in our bodies are measured by an indicator called pH for potential hydrogen, which is on a scale of 1 to 14, with 1 being the most acidic pH. And 14 the most alkaline (or basic). Excessively high levels of alkalinity or acidity pose health risks; if you plunge your hand into a basin that is too acidic or too basic, you will take it out with severe burns.

These are the same reactions as those undergone by an organism that is too acidic/alkaline; thus, an acid-base imbalance can lead to chronic conditions such as obesity, arthritis, allergies, even diabetes or certain cancers. Atmospheric pollution, diet, stress or lifestyle are all factors likely to alter the pH, reducing it significantly and increasing acidity levels in the body.

What are the warning signs of an overly acidic body?

A neutral or slightly alkaline organism ensures the correct functioning of the body and keeps us healthy. Indeed, except in the stomach, all the body’s chemical reactions only occur at neutral pH or slightly alkaline. On the other hand, when the pH drops, acidity levels rise and build up in the tissues, which eventually become irritated and damaged; weakened and disturbed body becomes more sensitive to illness. Furthermore, it need be said that the blood, to disable the excess acids and regain a balanced pH, draws on the nutrient reserves of the vital organs, causing severe dysfunctions.

Various symptoms can occur. Pay attention to these signs, which often announce a body that is too acidic.

Muscle Problem

If the body becomes too acidic, body fluids, such as blood or saliva, become less fluid; the blood clots, the saliva thickens. The circulation of nutrients and oxygen in vital organs and muscle tissues is less efficient; in lack of oxygen, the muscles secrete lactic acid, which leads to their stiffening and the appearance of muscle pain.

Weight Gain

An organism that is too acidic secretes insulin in large quantities. However, if this hormone plays a crucial role in regulating diabetes, it also facilitates abdominal fat gain. Similarly, acidity slows down the metabolism, which reduces the body’s ability to burn bad fats. As a result, weight gain. Think about it if you’ve been trying to lose weight for some time with no results.

Insomnia and Weakened Bones

As we have seen, the blood draws alkaline nutrients from the vital organs, particularly the bone system, to restore the acid-base balance of the organism. Among these essential minerals, calcium widely absorbed, leading to deficiencies in the rest of the body. A calcium deficit generally results in sleep disorders and a weakening of the skeleton, leading to degenerative diseases, such as osteoporosis.

Acidity in your Body Oral Problems

Excessive consumption of acidic foods promotes deterioration of oral health, with progressive destruction of tooth enamel.

Skin Problems

The value of the acid-base balance also determines the skin’s good health. It is valuable that healthy skin has a slightly acidic pH, around 5.5. However, if the body becomes too acidic. It can alter the skin’s balance and change its nature; it can dry out or become too greasy. Leading to skin problems such as eczema, blackheads, etc.

How to fight acidity in your body and restore the acid-base balance?

How to fight acidity in your body

Adopt a better lifestyle

The lifestyle is mainly responsible for the body’s acid-base balance, stress, and sleep disturbances. Can both be causes and consequences of altered acidity levels in the body? Similarly, you should know that regular sports practice can reduce acidity levels thanks to its benefits on breathing control. Indeed, the lungs can eradicate almost 90% of the acids in excess in the human body.

In addition, everything we eat, food and drink, affects the acidity or alkalinity in the body. Amino acids, vitamins, and minerals have properties that will help acidify or alkalize the body. Therefore, adopting a healthy and balanced diet is advisable by reducing your consumption of acidifying foods. Such as coffee, refined products, or meats. While favoring alkalizing foods, such as fruits and vegetables. In addition, some foods are particularly beneficial for combating the body’s acidity, such as ginger or even spirulina.

Finally, other environmental factors can negatively affect the body’s acidity level beyond considerations concerning lifestyle and food quality. It is the case, for example, of the cleaning products you use. Some of which can be highly toxic, or even the level of atmospheric pollution.

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