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The New Hair Trends For Autumn And Winter

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The New Hair Trends For Autumn And Winter – Here, we present some gorgeous hairstyles and hair trends for autumn and winter.

Time for a makeover and to get to know new products!

Trend: liquid hair

We’ve had a sleek look for a long time, and it’s often difficult to achieve. If your hair isn’t naturally straight, it means blow-drying and straightening and a lot of care so that the hair doesn’t get damaged by the applications. This trend has now reached a new partner: “Liquid Hair.” Hair that flows even more and can also look a little wet.

The hair is now even silkier and shinier – you can quickly achieve that with good products! Professionals blow-dry their hair, for example, with an extra attachment such as the Flyaway for the Dyson hairdryer. The hair is then pampered with hair oil or shine spray.

Trend: copper red hair

They go wonderfully with fall with all their dazzling colorful foliage tones. Superstar Ed Sheeran is also partly to blame because people now want to wear copper-red hair. The trend has been active since spring, but now in autumn, more and more VIPs find it beautiful and appropriate.

Katy Perry was recently photographed with long red hair. Many other stars have already followed suit. Copper red is a beautiful, warm nuance with reflections of gold and orange. Of course, it takes an experienced hairdresser to get the color right. Still, good old henna can also help here because this color is the most natural henna color on which other nuances are built.

Trend: Micro fringe

This is a super short fringe – this is one of the trend hairstyles this season. The hairstyle always looks a little French, emphasizes the face very much, and has something very self-confident and cheeky. The prime example of this hairstyle is Audrey Tautou, ‘s actress in the film “The Life of Amelie.”

The hairstyle stands for nonconformist, idiosyncratic personalities who also cultivate a conspicuous, sometimes bizarre clothing style. One thing is clear: not everyone likes this hairstyle! And of course, having the bangs cut so short is a bit daring because then you have to wear the hairstyle like that – for a long time!

Trend: Mullet

The new mullet looks fresher and cheekier than the 80s hairstyle, and, above all, it does not require a minipli (slight perm). The hair is no longer voluminous but somewhat tousled and fringed.

This hairstyle does not suit everyone! Many men want to try them now, but caution is advised. One advantage is that it is super easy to style and hardly needs any styling products.

Hair Trends: Medium-length hair with bangs

This hairstyle looks cute, playful, and very feminine. Above all, it is easy to style. The bangs are just back and in many variations. Now people like to wear medium-length hair, whether it is sleek and neatly cut or slightly wavy and layered. A pony is essential here. This softly frames the face.

Hair Trends: Straight cuts

The frayed lengths that have been jaggedly cut are now seen less often. Now is the time for straight-cut measurements, preferably a mid-length bob. The look is super easy to style, it also goes well with Liquid Hair, and it finally gives the hair a portion of strength and volume again!

While the trend of thinning out the tips made the hair fall very feathery, the straight tips finally give your natural hair elasticity and several styling options.

Hair Trends: Grown-Out Cuts

Of course, these haircuts aren’t grown out, but they look a bit like it. These include the extended pixie cut and the outgrown bangs cut. The long pixie is no longer shaved short, but the top of the head has hair up to 10 cm long, and the sides are no longer shaved but only kept short.

The outgrown bangs are not a transitional hairstyle but intentional. A side fringe is cut here, with the hair falling over the eyebrows, somewhat longer, and combed out of the face. This results in a soft, feminine look reminiscent of the 70s.

Hair Trends: Center-parting hairstyles

They were never completely gone, but you see them a lot this season! Very accurate mid-length bobs with a center part! Of course, the middle parting is also worn with very long hair. It goes well with the Liquid Hair, and it has to be carefully separated and preferably smoothed out with hair oil, etc.

Hair Trends: Micro Bob

The bob is now chin-length again, with or without bangs.

The bob is finally back in two lengths: medium and chin lengths! It causes a micro bob sensation and looks chic and elegant. Of course, it especially suits girls and women with beautiful long necks. The bob can be styled in various ways, wholly straight or slightly tousled. The downside is that the hair is so short that you can’t tie any other hairstyle like a ponytail.

Hair Trends: Frayed bangs

Pony hairstyles are in general demand again. It is new to wear with a frayed cut. As a result, it doesn’t lie heavy and bulky on the face but is somewhat feathery and loose, which has an entirely different effect and, above all, flatters most faces. However, the disadvantage of all fringe hairstyles is that they need a more frequent and good haircut. Putting on the scissors yourself is not recommended!


Every fashion lover will find something suitable for herself from all these trends.

For example, long hair in the Rapunzel style is slowly becoming obsolete, and with it, the trend is to conjure up waist-length manes with extensions.

All in all, hair is now worn shorter, looser, sleek, and shiny.

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