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Facial Yoga – Benefits, Facial Gym Exercises, and More

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What is Facial Yoga?

Facial Yoga  – We no longer present yoga: this practice from India and dating back several thousand years has conquered the West in different forms: Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Yin Yoga, Kundalini Yoga. But did you know about facial yoga??

This technique is a subtle combination of facial gymnastics, Hatha yoga postures, acupressure, massage and breathing exercises to relax facial features and tone muscles. A gym performed regularly helps prevent and slow down the appearance of the signs of ageing.

The Benefits of Facial Yoga

A brighter complexion

Facial yoga exercises stimulate microcirculation and promote oxygen circulation within the cells, making the complexion more balanced, luminous and even. The work of breathing also contributes to better apprehending the emotions and leaves the face serene and soothed for a look and softer features.

Reduced wrinkles and plumped skin

Facial yoga exercises have the advantage of stimulating both the muscles and the production of collagen and elastin. However, with time and the natural collagen reserves, which decrease, your skin sags and loses its tone, and the wrinkles become deeper and deeper. Thus, when practised regularly, this technique makes it possible to make the skin more toned, have a less tired face, smooth the features, and visibly reduce the depth of wrinkles.

An anti-stress solution

Face yoga is a moment of relaxation. Suitable for the body plus the mind, it relaxes the muscles of the face while acting on the nervous system to reduce stress.

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Some Anti-Gravity Facial Gym Exercises

The face has about fifty muscles. Relatively little-used daily, they are subject to a premature loss of tone, directly correlated to skin ageing. So here are some facial yoga exercises every day, for 5 minutes, to defy the laws of gravity.

Smooth forehead wrinkles To soften and smooth forehead wrinkles, start by placing your palms on the top of the forehead. Next, inhale deeply and stretch your forehead upwards. While maintaining this stretch, exhale, projecting your gaze as low as possible. Repeat ten times.

Reduce Frown Lines

Reduce frown lines Facial Yoga

Located between the two eyebrows, the lion’s wrinkle is linked to a muscular contraction between the eyebrows. To relax them, start by stretching the eyebrows by performing deep smoothing movements starting from the centre of the face. At the level of the frown line, outwards, ten times.

Then exert steady pressure with the palm at the level of the wrinkle while inhaling and exhaling deeply. Repeat this exercise 5 times.

Open your eyes and smooth out crow’s feet wrinkles Facial Yoga

Place three fingers (index, middle and ring finger) on your temples to smooth the eye area. Stretch your skin back with moderate pressure for 5 seconds. And also, for more support, place your thumbs below your jawline. Repeat this exercise 5 times.

Reduce the nasolabial fold and firm the cheeks Facial Yoga

Also called “smile lines.” The nasolabial fold is an expression line that starts from the wings of the nose to the corner of the lips. Here’s how it can be smoothed while mobilizing the cheeks for firming action.

To focus on smile lines, pass the air at the top of the mouth and then into the lower part of the lip. Next, inflate your cheeks with air and hold this position for 5 seconds. Then pass the air from one cheek to the other, holding each time for 5 seconds. Repeat this exercise 5 times, holding each position for 5 seconds.

To keep your lips from puckering during exercise (no need to create new wrinkles!), you can place a finger over your mouth to keep it smooth.

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