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Why do you snore, and how to stop it

Snoring Write For UsSnoring is caused by the vibration of the relaxed tissues in the throat air you breathe in passes through your throat. About half of American adults do it sometimes. Your weight, health, mouth shape, and more may make you more likely to sound like you’re chopping logs at night.

For most people, snoring is nothing more than an embarrassment or annoyance. But for others, snoring can cause problems or indicate an underlying health problem. Different people snore for different reasons. Trying out various tips can help you learn how to stop snoring while you sleep and decide whether to talk to your doctor about your snoring.

Bedtime adjustments

Many sleepers can reduce or eliminate snoring with one or more simple adjustments at night.

Sleep next to

Your chances of snoring depend on your sleeping position. People are more likely to snore when they sleep on their backs, also known as the likely to position. In difference, people snore less when they sleep on their side. A tendency to snore may be due to head position rather than body position, and people tend to snore less when their heads turn to the side.

If you snore at night and usually sleep on your back, try sleeping on your side. If you’re having trouble retraining your sleep position habits, consider strategically using a pillow to provide comfort and keep your body and head on your side.

Wearing nasal strips or dilators

Internal and external nasal dilators are designed to improve airflow while you sleep. As a result, snoring is reduced. These tiny devices are available online and at most pharmacies for a relatively low price.

Both nasal dilators are small, flexible strips that use tension to open the nasal passages. Nasal strips or external dilators are glued to the outside of the nose. As it tries to hold its shape, it is pulled outward, lifting the skin of the nose and opening the nasal passages. Internal nasal dilators work similarly but from the inside out. Instead of pulling the outside of the nose, push it outer. Studies confirmation that both types of dilators reduce snoring, but internal dilators have a habit of to be more effective.

Using an anti-snoring mouthpiece

A variety of dental appliances are available to relieve snoring. These anti-snoring mouthpieces are larger than nasal strips and may take longer to get used to as they are left in the mouth overnight. An anti-snoring voice is a type of mouthguard sold over the counter, and there are generally two types. Consider surgical treatment Snoring is sometimes caused by physical problems that medical professionals can address surgically. Although surgery should be seen as a last resort, several surgeries are known to reduce snoring. The only way to determine if you can benefit from surgery is to see your doctor.

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